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07-06-2013, 01:30 PM
The Mitsubishi CP-910U is a color video printer, commonly seen in a doctor's office to record and print images during an endoscopy or colonoscopy (both procedures use the same scope, in case you didn't know). Very simple in operation; connect a video source (it has BNC and S-Video Input/Output jacks; I put a BNC-to-RCA adapter on the unit, then took a video feed off my cable box), watch a monitor (I routed the cable box signal back to my flat-screen TV's Composite input), press "Memory" to hold an image of interest (you can have 3 images in memory at once), then press "Print" of the desired image. You get a very sharp, very rich dye-sublimation print.

The paper and ink runs about $60 per 200 shots (30 cents each), and they measure 105 x 110 mm for the CK900S format. There are other formats available.

I'm thinking that someone with a digital camera in a studio setting can use this as photographers used to do with Polaroids; that is, getting a test print of your set-up before you commit to an expensive sheet of LF film.

The unit does not have the remote control, but it's not needed to get the unit to operate. Most of the functions of the remote are for centering an image, etc. I was able to get perfectly good images without it.

The Mitsubishi CP-910U is a discontinued model, but you can find them on used medical equipment sales sites in the $500-1000 range. I'm asking for just $175 + S/H, as I need the money quickly! It comes with a new roll of paper/ink, with 190+ shots left on the roll, so that's worth $60 (plus S/H) right there! There's a bit of damage to the finish on top of the unit, but your monitor will sit there so it's no bid deal. Otherwise, it looks and operates just fine!

It will ship from zip code 47401. Figure 16" x 10" x 20" for the box, and weight will be 30 lbs. (this weight will be a worst-case number for your shipping cost).


07-07-2013, 02:06 PM
Just to give you an idea of what you might use this for (in case my OP wasn't clear), a studio photographer can set up a DSLR next to his/her LF camera. Now, since almost every DSLR has a Video Out port, you can take the video from that port and input it into the printer. You then print out the image to get an idea of what you're seeing, much as Polaroids were used back in the day.

Once you're happy with the print, switch to that expensive LF film stock and get the shot the first time!

08-21-2013, 04:02 PM

New price of $150 + S/H (see shipping info in first post). This has a new roll of paper and ink, so 190+ prints left! A $60 value!