View Full Version : Local GTHA Schools that would be interested in a donation of darkroom equipment?

Todd Barlow
07-07-2013, 10:16 PM
I am looking for the names of some local GTHA schools who teach film photography and printing in the darkroom for a possible donation of some darkroom equipment.

I know that I can contact the numerous school boards and ask, however I am trying to get to the short list quickly with your help.



Mike Wilde
07-08-2013, 08:27 AM
Todd, your message is a bit ambiguous - you are donating to a school,

or are you looking for school that has quit the silver/wet side?

I was talking with Alex on a photo walk this weekend, and apparently Sheridan College is down to one wet darkroom facility at 2013. Now it does have 30 Omega D5's in it...

Todd Barlow
07-08-2013, 11:07 AM
I have two sets ups, a beginer Pixur 35mm enlarger with tanks, trays timers etc. The second set is an Omerga B66 with a condensor and dichroic head for 35mm and 6x6 with tansk, trays timers etc.

I am open to giving it to an individual as well if you know of someone who is starting out.

Thanks for your input and help


Mike Wilde
07-09-2013, 07:34 AM
I have surplus darkroom gesr, as well. Specifically a nice little Hungarian 35mm condenser type enlarger.

I pull together whole darkroom packages from all of the different sources of gear that seems to have ended up with me.

When someone shows an interst, I have them come over and develop a film, and them print on some already processed negatives with the set up.

Usually it is a younger person who has grown up digital, and at mid twenties wants to put their individual mark out into the world via film based imaging.

I put the kit together on top of the washer and dryer in my laundry room so as to not intimitate them into thinking they need a proper darkroom to get started.

If they show enough interest to want to try this new hobby at home, we pack up the set up, and send it home with them with enough film, paper and chems to get started.

I ask that they show me images they are happy with within 3-6weeks. If they do, I am pleased that the gear is being used, and gift it to them.

I have done this about 5 times on the last 7-8 years.

07-09-2013, 01:26 PM
It's refreshing to see folks doing something to keep our art going! Thanks for doing something like this!