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Jon Goodman
09-15-2013, 02:45 PM
Here is a box of 32 assorted LP albums. Well, technically 33 as one of the Sergio Mendes albums contains 2 disks in the sleeve. These are (as best as I know) in ok to good condition. Having said that, you should understand these (like any LP album you'll buy) have been around a while. I don't know of any glaring problems, but I have not played these in a long while. Here's the list:

1. Inside Shelley Berman
2. Outside Shelley Berman
3. The Edge of Shelley Berman
4. The Hi-Lo's..."Love Nest"
5. The Hi-Lo's..."Under Glass"
6. The Hi-Lo's..."Now Hear This"
7. Suddenly It's the Hi-Lo's
8. Johnny Mathis..."Johnny's Greatest Hits"
9. Johnny Mathis..."Wonderful"
10. Johnny Mathis..."Johnny Mathis"
11. George Benson..."Breezin"
12. The Byrds..."Greatest Hits"
13. The Animals..."Animalism"
14. The Best of the Animals
15. The Mamas & The Papas..."16 of Their Greatest Hits"
16. Don Knotts..."An Evening With Me"
17. The Smothers Brothers..."Mom Always Liked You Best"
18. Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77 (plus an additional Brasil 66 album in the same sleeve)
19. Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66..."Ye-Me-Le"
20. Willie Nelson..."Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
21. Elvis..."Christmas Album"
22. Boz Scaggs..."Hits"
23. B.J. Thomas..."Greatest Hits, Vol. 2"
24. The Searchers..."Hear, Hear"
25. The Hollies..."Greatest Hits"
26. Ray Stevens..."1,837 Seconds of Humor" (including "Ahab the Arab")
27. Herb Alpert..."Whipped Cream"
28. Herb Alpert..."What Now My Love"
29. Herb Alpert..."Rise"
30. Herb Alpert..."Warm"
31. Hall & Oates..."Rock 'n Soul, Part 1"
32. Huey Lewis & The News..."Sports"

These will only be sold in the USA, and they'll be mailed via USPS media mail...packed as well as possible given limitations of cost, size of box, etc. What that means is I'm going to use some bubble wrap at the bottom and some at the top and sides and then I'm going to fit as many albums as possible in the box. That's the plan. I'll mark the box as fragile, and I'll buy insurance for up to $50. The cost? $32 total, check, cash or money order please. That is $1 per album shipped...or a bit less if you count the loose Sergio disk.

If questions, please ask. Some are stereo and some are hi-fi.

09-15-2013, 03:23 PM
Pizza boxes are the right size for shipping LP albums.

Jon Goodman
09-15-2013, 03:47 PM
Yes, and they work better if you eat the pizza first.

Jon Goodman
09-25-2013, 06:27 PM
All gone.