View Full Version : Help to value Leica m2 kit

05-01-2014, 02:56 AM
A friend who is now in poor health has asked me to sell some of his kit.
There is a m2 -1004998 body that he's had for about 20yrs. He had it serviced about 10 years ago but hasn't used it much since.
There are some light scratches to the paint work a couple of small chips in the leatherette. shutter looks and sounds good at all speeds, the rangefinder mirror is yellowed with some crazing but still useable. film door and seals look really good.

Attached is a summarit f=5 1:5 lens. Externally in very good condition internally one spot of fungus and hazing on an internal element. everything else works smoothly.
Has body cap (original) 2 Actina filters in original container ,(yellow,orange, and a spare red glass only) original front cap, metal hood and a Leica guide book.

Prob for me is price guide (eBay is all over the place) Where and how to sell As a package or separate body and lens. I am familiar with Ebay and have a good rep But these are out of my league so any help would be appreciated Cheers Garry

05-01-2014, 04:28 AM
Have the lens serviced first.

The M2 is dependent on the chrome

as new 700 GBP
scratched, bright marks and dinged 300

The lens would sell quick bodies really slow unless as new.