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07-02-2014, 08:08 AM
Hello my dear old APUG friends, how the heck have ya been?

It's been a good long while since I've shown my ugly mug around APUG, but it's high time I got back to it.

What have I missed, what great discoveries has APUG and it's collective brain yielded lately??


I'm sure a good number of you have wondered what on Earth happened to me. Well, as some of you know, I moved to Rochester in October of 2012 and spent a year interning with Mark Osterman at GEH and working with Ron too. To say that I had a lot to learn was an understatement! Going from a primarily theoretical knowledge to a practical knowledge was a bit of an adjustment, but, despite some hard lessons learned, it was a year that I would never wish to have done without. It's given me a clear vision of where I am going to take my interest in chemical photography next.

As October 2013 rolled around, my needs in life became quite utilitarian, *cough cough*, I desperately needed a JOB and luckily I was able to work my way into a position in the conservation department here at the Eastman House as an Object Preparator. I truly LOVE this job, as it keeps me involved with photography on a daily basis (I get to mat/frame original Ansel Adams', Nickolas Muray's, Coburn's, Winogrand's, you name it...) and has given me a knowledge about a different set of materials and techniques. You could say that matboard, razorblades and straight-edges are my bread & butter these days.

But alas, although I've been occupied and thus had significantly less time on my hands to peruse the interwebs like I did in the past, I haven't forgotten what first brought me to APUG. On the contrary, you could say I've spent the last year plotting my next move!

So I just wanted to start a thread at my old haunt saying, to some affect, I'M BACK. I'm making a point to get re-involved with the internet community of analog photography enthusiasts, because (a) I miss the energy & the collaborative spirit that spawned so many questions, queries & ideas and (b) I've got a plan to start something and I'm gonna need the support of YOU.


Yours cryptically,


p.s. We're having a pool party at Ron's soon... everyone's invited.... right Ron? :munch:

07-02-2014, 08:17 AM
Hey Chris,

It's good to have you back! I'm very jealous of your internship at GEH. It's been something I've been wanting to do for years, but it looks like it'll always remain a dream.

As for what you missed...well, I'll let the others fill you in! ;)

07-02-2014, 08:33 AM
Having followed along a great many of your old thread replies on various projects and speculations, I'm happy to see you back and glad to hear you're doing such engaging and interesting work.

Welcome back :)

Photo Engineer
07-02-2014, 11:03 AM
I would post a picture of the pool in question, but it is an IR test using a digital camera, so it will remain a mystery unless the attendees take a film photo. Yes, a pool party is in order, and I await the further info from Chris, Nick, Mark and France.


Sirius Glass
07-02-2014, 01:04 PM
You missed my charm and wit.

07-02-2014, 05:12 PM
You missed my wit and charm. (Not really - some say I have neither.) But welcome back anyway Chris.

ME Super
07-02-2014, 08:08 PM
Welcome back, Chris!

07-02-2014, 10:46 PM
You missed this


07-02-2014, 11:45 PM
shout out from NJ.

07-03-2014, 12:04 AM
Glad to see you back! I would love your current job (no, I'm not trying to steal it, don't worry).

07-03-2014, 12:07 AM
Hey since you're in Rochester, mind picking this up for us please? http://www.apug.org/forums/forum390/131483-kodak-coating-lines-sale.html

Bill Burk
07-03-2014, 12:25 AM
You know, just the other day PE told us how to double the speed of any emulsion.

Photo Engineer
07-03-2014, 10:59 AM
Bill, I told that to Chris over a year ago, and then he tried it in the lab!



Jeff Kubach
07-03-2014, 10:17 PM
I'm glad you are back to APUG!:)


07-04-2014, 10:38 AM
:)Nice to see you here again, Chris. Post often! I think the forum needs you :).

07-04-2014, 10:57 AM
Hey, Chris, welcome back. I agree. Need some of your posts again.

Are you still in Rochester?

(D, nice to see you here as well)


07-04-2014, 11:55 AM
Hey all!

It's great to be welcomed back so kindly.

Good to see some of you haven't changed a bit... ;)

So let's see, you guys need me to be a liaison for the $1/4-million film coating lines they're selling? Heck, lets just get 4 and make it an even million. It's quite interesting indeed that these are on eBay!

I tell you what, in the summer there's no place I'd rather be than in Rochester; it's absolutely gorgeous today! But boy oh boy what a winter we had... it makes perfect sense why darkroom work has historically flourished in this town; there's no point in going outside or even looking out a window!

I hope to have my own darkroom space again by winter time, and if not "my own", there is a community darkroom just down the block from me which would be a great place for continued work on emulsions & the like. This last year or so of working & not doing darkroom stuff every day has been good for the wallet, but I miss the smell of fixer and the whir of the magnetic stirrer.

Alright, I need troll some of the forums here and see what's being talked about...

07-04-2014, 02:12 PM
Nice to see you here, too, Jason! Still making emulsions?

I check a couple of times a week to see if anything is going on besides liquid emulsion. I keep my fingers crossed for a renewal of interest in diy here. I realize that increasingly that's a long shot but the tide will turn someday. I'll be waiting :). I'd dive in in a heartbeat if the threads got real (and cooperative.) Hope springs eternal!

08-01-2014, 12:34 PM
I wonder...how did you changewhat did you give up; what progress stopped as you studied. what quest got diverted by new knowledge. what project that you began before your journey have you been able to finish because of your journey.

did your imagery grow or shrink; get stronger or weaker as your knowledge grew

is your journal as full as your journey

Rick A
08-01-2014, 01:17 PM
Welcome back amigo. BTW, you missed everything pardner, everything!