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09-06-2005, 06:55 PM
The Art of Bromoil - an international exhibition of contemporary and historic bromoil and bromoil transfer prints.

Plant Zero Gallery, 0 East 4th Street, Richmond, Virginia.
Show opens October 28, 2005 and hangs through November 21, 2005.

Twenty two artists from Australia, England, Germany, Belgium, Canada and the U.S.A. will participate in the show. Prints by bromoil masters of the past will also be exhibited. These include: Norman Gryspeerdt, Hugo Rudinger, Raymond Hanson, Robert Desme', Gustave Bilande, Franz Rontag and many others. The show opening will also include bromoil inking demonstrations.

This is the first major bromoil show held in America since 1943.

The Art of Bromoil exhibition will be sponsored by the International Society of Bromoilists.

09-06-2005, 07:42 PM
gene -

i really wish i could get away ( family + work ) to go the this exhibition.
if the work presented is anything like the work you have produced ( and shown a wee little bit of here on apug ) than it is going to be an impressive event!


jd callow
09-06-2005, 08:31 PM
After seeing your work I would love to see others, but alas...
Gas, time and most of all $

09-06-2005, 11:35 PM
I'll be there. Can't wait.

Travis Nunn
09-07-2005, 10:31 PM
Gene, I've heard quite a bit about your Bromoils from Larry Runyon. I'm sure a few of us from JSR will be there for the opening.

09-16-2005, 08:50 PM
The Art of Bromoil

An International Exhibition
of Contemporary and Historic Bromoil Prints
by Members of the International Society of Bromoilists

The work of 51 Artists - over 150 prints. The largest bromoil exhibition in history!

Plant Zero Gallery
0 East 4th street
Richmond, Virginia

Exhibition Opens at 7 pm, October 28, 2005 and hangs until November 21,

Participating Contemporary Artists

Ken Barry - Concord, NC
Ed Buffaloe - Round Rock, TX
Jill Burkholder - Carrollton, TX
Robert Carew - Melbourne, Australia
Laura Denyes - Virginia Beach, VA
Kevin Dingman - Columbia, MO
Wayne Firth - Manassas, VA
Jim Flack - Mount Dora, FL
Joy Goldkind - St. James, NY
Milenko Grgar - Surrey, Canada
Terry Halstead - Beaverton, OR
Tom Harrell - Melbourne, FL
Charlotte Kay - San Francisco, CA
Gene Laughter - Richmond, VA
Peter Liepke - Warwick, NY
Chris Lim - Melbourne, Australia
John Lowen - Pearland, TX
Eliza Massey - Camden, ME
Maija McDougal - Malvern, UK
Annette Norman - Richmond, VA
Harry Seals - Richmond, VA
Larry Shapiro - Cupertino, CA
Siegfried Utzig - Berlin, Germany

Bromoil Artists of the Past
with Prints hanging in the Historical Section of the Exhibition

Arnold Bennett - Leeds, UK
Gustave Bilande - Florennes, Belgium
Ralph Davis - New York, NY
Robert Desme' - New York, NY
Norman Gryspeerdt - Eastbourne, UK
Raymond Hanson - Boston, MA
Franklin I. Jordan - Boston, MA
A. Kayes - Austria
Clarence Koch - Cincinnatti, OH
Harold Leighton - Bradford, UK
Anton Niktelschek - Russia
Leonard Ochtman - Los Angeles, CA
Ed Romney - Spartenburg, SC
Franz Rontag - Vienna, Austria
Hugo Rudinger - Vienna, New York & Los Angeles
S.F. Sale - Northampton, UK
Owen Schrader - Pasadena, CA
H.A. Scherrer - Indianapolis, IN
Eliza Spitzer - Austria
F.V. Wilcox - Scotland, S. Dak
Guy Youngman - Los Angeles, CA
Kurt Zaudern - Austria

Contemporary Bromoil Prints
from Private Collections

Dennis Atherton - Stockton on Tees, UK
Barbara Dayton - Roanoke, VA
Ken Hill - Swansea, Wales
Ernest Theisen - Mountain View, HI
Rene' Smets - Belgium