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Kimberly Anderson
11-29-2005, 04:12 PM
I have a few things I would like to sell, but I'm not sure what they are worth.

I have done a lot of Google-ing and haven't found exactly what I have listed anywhere, so I'm a bit confused as to correctly ascertain it's value.

One piece in particular was given to me almost 12 years ago, and I have no idea what it's worth, except to replace it with something modern would be X amount of dollars.

Any ideas or thoughts?


matt miller
11-29-2005, 04:19 PM
What is it? Have you checked the "completed listings" at ebay?

Anupam Basu
11-29-2005, 04:28 PM
Completed listings on EBAy and also prices on KEH.com

Kevin Roach
11-29-2005, 04:29 PM
Matt's idea is good. Ebay seems to be where the prices are set right now. But there are a lot of other factors besides the real value when looking at ebay. bad pictures, poor descriptions, and just plain dumb sellers can reduce the price of a camera.

if you post a description I'd bet there are plenty of people here who could tell you the value.

Kimberly Anderson
11-29-2005, 04:30 PM
Well, since I was planning to list them here on APUG, I was hesitant to say what they were. Is that stupid? I guess I need to get over my paranoia and just trust that there won't be a vast-conspiracy to low-ball their value and snag them from me on the cheap. :)

One is a Ries Model A Tri-Lock tripod, serial # 1001

It is in good condition, all hardware is original, the legs have been lightly sanded and sealed with tongue oil. It has with it mounted on top a Model A Photoplane Tilt Head No. 207. This is interesting because the casting says that it is: "Made in USA Ries Camera Co Hollywood Calif"

It has the long handle with the amber knob on the end to adjust the tilt angle.

I contacted Ries about it when I first recieved it, and the lady I spoke with just said "Wow, that thing is OLD", when I asked her how old it was. I had a 'Dorff 8x10 that I shot on it a lot, sold the 'Dorff and haven't used it since (about 5 years now).

I was thinking of selling it to help finance a 7x17.

The other item I have is a 24 inch Red Dot Artar, which I was going to use on my 7x17, but have since learned that most 7x17's won't have enough bellows draw to use it. I used it on my 8x10 and liked it. Very sharp clean lens and it is mounted in an Ilex No. 5 Universal Synchro shutter. I think I paid $600 for it, but haven't kept up with it's value.

Random tanks, film hangars, etc won't bring much, and I think I will just give most of that to the university where I'm studying right now.

So, it could go on the auction block to help finance the camera also.

matt miller
11-29-2005, 04:35 PM
I don't know about the Reis, but I think you could get a lot more than $600 for the artar. I was watching one (a 24") on ebay a few days ago that went for $600 and something. It was mounted to a lensboard with a packard shutter. If your Ilex is working right, I'd think you could ask $700 or more. Does that sound right?

Kimberly Anderson
11-29-2005, 04:45 PM
Yeah, if I could get $700 for it I'd be happy. That'll be a good chunk towards the camera I want.

I also have many pieces for a Mamiya 7II system, body and several lenses, a Schneider 120 f/8, and a couple of Nikkor enlarging lenses. I think I can find used prices easily enough on that stuff, but the random Ries and Artar prices are a little more elusive.

Thanks for your help...I checked KEH.com and am registering for eBay right now.

11-29-2005, 05:31 PM

I just sat at a table for the PHSNE Photographica show for an entire weekend where the prices my friend had placed on his gear were out of date- way too high. I also saw one camera, a Retina IIc, sell for $110 at one table, $50 at another and I bought one for $20 with no bargaining. All were in wonderful condition, with case. At the same time, the guy at the table next to me sold a very nice Crown Graphic body for $500 - I had recently bought a Speed in very nice condition, with 135 Tessar for under $100.

Price is relative.

What I suggest is using the method of price setting my friend uses for his painting: Put a price on it that will make you feel good if you get it and will make you feel good about keeping it if no one buys. Kinda hard to specify, but you'll know it if you just think about someone saying "hey, will you take $x for that?" If your first thought is yes, then you have a price. Don't worry if someone else got more for theirs. The person willing to pay that amount for it just bought one.

Kimberly Anderson
11-29-2005, 05:38 PM

That's how my dad taught me how to horse trade. Seems good with horses, cars, etc., but I guess what I'm trying to do is maximize what I can get for the pieces I want to sell, because I am sure that the fellow (or lady) I buy my 7x17 from will be doing the same.

I think I know what a fair-ish price is for my Red Dot...the tripod not so much. It's so cool and old and really would work nicely with a 7x17 that if I didn't sell it, I wouldn't feel too bad. I guess I'm looking at it this way...if the tripod is worth a lot, then I'd rather have the $$$ to go towards the camera. If the tripod isn't worth that much, I'll keep it and use it when I get the 7x17.

EDIT: I forgot to say thanks for the advice. It's good to be reminded that value is relative now and then. ;)

11-29-2005, 06:00 PM
Do you have another tripod to use with the 7x17? If not and it will hold the weight of the 7x17, then it would be a shame to let it go and have to buy another tripod and head. Is that a Schneider 120 mm f/8 you have or an enlarging lens of some sort?

Kimberly Anderson
11-29-2005, 06:04 PM
Do you have another tripod to use with the 7x17? If not and it will hold the weight of the 7x17, then it would be a shame to let it go and have to buy another tripod and head. Is that a Schneider 120 mm f/8 you have or an enlarging lens of some sort?

I have two other tripods, one is the Gitzo Mountaineer carbon-fiber tripod, the other is a big giant huge Gitzo studio tripod. The carbon-fiber tripod seems like it would be up to the task of 7x17...12x20 probably not. The other Gitzo will handle the front-end of a Chevy truck I figure.

I have a Schneider 120mm f/8 lens that is for a camera.

I feel the same way you do about the tripod and the camera. If I got a really neat olde-style like my Deardorff was I'll be in 7th heaven.

I need to be printing for the alt. print exchange for you instead of yakking about camera gear don't I? :)

11-29-2005, 09:18 PM
Yeah, but don't feel bad, I haven't done it yet either because at the moment, my living room is a shambles as I'm trying to clean things up so I can put most of my photo stuff in my office. So, I better get back to that so I can make prints sometime in the next week.