View Full Version : F3 + DW4 finder a good setup for macro and general photography

Anupam Basu
01-25-2006, 11:44 PM
Hello, recently I have been considering getting a second body to use with slide film - mainly macro but also the occasional landscape etc - because I find my N90s is almost always loaded with BW film.

I have used an FE-2 and FG among the MF bodies and to my surprise found the FE-2 with an E screen more difficult to focus than the N90s. I just LOVE the N90s viewfinder, but I have heard that the F3 is still unmatched on that front.

But unfortunately I can't get my hands on one locally to try out. I am wondering what people might think of the F3 + the 6x DW-4 waistlevel finder combination. How usable is it? Is the whole viewing area magnified? Is it good for non-macro uses as well. If I go with the F3 - I'll get MLU and a 6x finder and lose spot metering and some flash capabilities of my N90s.

Any opinions on the usability of this combination.


PS: In terms of magnification, I find I shoot mostly at or below 1:2 - just beyond life size.

Mick Fagan
01-26-2006, 04:30 AM
I have a couple of F3's. Both are equipped with the grid focusing screen and I run the DA-2, DW-3, DW-4 and High Eyepoint finders.

The waist level DW-3, is a surprising and cheaper unit for a lot of tight work. Works especially well in crowded situations with a 24mm and held above the head. The walls of the finder keep light off the focusing screen allowing one to see the general picture. Great for vertically challenged photographers!

The DA-2 sports finder is brilliant with a crash helmet on, for motorcycle and action use.

The DW-4 with it's focusing dioptre is perfection. For field close focusing work, I use this with a 2.8 - 55 Micro Nikkor and occasionally the PK-13 27.5mm coupled extension, or the PK-12 14mm coupled extension.

Possibly the best reason for getting the DW-4 is that you can get perfect focusing, regardless of the state of your eyesite.

With bellows on and the reduction of light hitting the focusing screen, I find I need the DW-4 or DW-3 to see focus, the High Eyepoint normal prism is extremely dark by comparison.

I also use it with my 105, 180 & 300mm lenses when shooting static subjects. Basically I use the camera with that finder on like a medium format, just takeing my time.


01-26-2006, 08:06 AM
Like Mike, I also have a DW-3 and DA-2 (no DW-4, yet). The DW-3 is a fanastic value. I use it for more than just macro, it get's popped on for any low level shots. My "regular" finder is the DE-2, which I haven't used since I bought the DA-2 a couple of months ago. :)

Anupam Basu
01-26-2006, 11:48 AM
Thanks for the responses. Is the DW-4 usable for non macro work? Does it show the whole screen? I'd probably get additional fiinders but is it possible to occasionally use he DW-4 as the only finder or does it hinder framing?


Mick Fagan
01-26-2006, 03:14 PM
The only hindrance to framing is that you have to have your eye reasonably close to the DW-4, whereas with the DW-3 you can see the screen from quite a distance away, like arms length above your head.

With all finders on the F3, you get 100% coverage!