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03-12-2006, 06:31 AM
How to get these 'master printers' to particpate - maybe in their own club? Some have said they would, although the poll reveals their shyness, if they knew the others particpating were 'in their league'. Do we even care they are particpating in a print exchange or not?

no, cause they don't care about us. why would they want to partake in a print exchange when they are no doubt selling their work?

Mick Fagan
03-12-2006, 07:21 AM
I'm a new person to APUG, so far I've been in one blind print exchange, and have just sent out some postcards for the current round of postcard exchange.

In the blind print exchange, I sent a colour 12x16" print to the UK inside a tube, I received a B&W print from Canada.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Canadian print, it was small, unmounted, but packed inbetween light card. it is stuck up on my darkroom wall along with my better pictures, not hidden. The small letter that arrived with it, is stuck to the back of the print.

I haven't as yet received any postcard pictures, but I have no doubt in the ensuing weeks, they will start coming in.

I don't expect a miracle print to walk through the door, I make my expectations realistic.

Most members are either well established people with busy lives, youngish with frenetic lives, middle of the road with children and mortgages, or, retired with time but not too much moolah to spread around. In short the whole spectrum of normal people with photography as a hobby.

Hobbies wax and wane and should never be something that has to be done. Hobbies should be done at a pace and style that suits each individual, if that allows one to participate in the odd print exchange, or two, fine. If not that's fine too!

Looking through the galleries gives one a hint of what is being done, but isn't a real indication. Many people, myself included, don't own a film scanner, quite a lot of people seem to have access to a print scanner.These scanners and their software are like the members, diverse. I do not really have the equipment, or time, to get decent scans of any of my prints.

My hobby is photography, I use film, I make prints, I give away prints, I sometimes get prints given to me.

I made up my mind to participate in the odd print exchange or two, when the time and my desire permits.


03-12-2006, 10:03 AM
I've tried to get into the current Print exchange - the closing dat is 15th March as I understand it.

I am however waiting for a reply. I am about to embark on the latest postcard round organised by 'Nige' whose patience in sorting out email problems at my end were very helpful. I do n.ot expect to produce fantastic prints, partly because I am still finding my way and also because I hope to learn from those of you who are further along the road.

I hope that these events do not become restricted to a mutual back slaping contest between those who feel they have nothing to learn.

Best regards Daniel

03-12-2006, 10:38 AM
I voted, 'No.'

I haven't participated in the exchanges to date, but am hoping to participate in the next one.

With my tongue firmly out of my cheek (for once), I think Dave, BobF and MrCallow have said everything that I would have.

Max Power
03-12-2006, 12:32 PM
As one of the individuals who wouldn't even be invited to participate, I feel that I ought to chime in.

The last print exchange I participated in was a lot of work for me; and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I agonised for weeks over what print I would send out, and then I played with the print numerous times in the darkroom before I had something I would be pleased to put my name to. Not because I make stellar prints or anything, but because I put in my best effort. For the first time, I wasn't just making a print for myself, but was actually 'forced' into a situation where others would judge my work.

Then there were the constructive comments. Papagene even took the time to drop me a note to tell me how much he enjoyed the print and that I ought not be afraid to take the plunge and try FB paper next time. Well, thanks to him, I have tried FB paper and will use it in the next print exchange. I also received some gorgeous prints, which allowed me to see what photographers with a great deal of talent are doing.

All in all, being able to participate in a print exchange with photographers who are far and away superior to me allowed me to learn something; for that I'm very grateful for the print exchange as it is.