View Full Version : Baryta paper now available at Formulary

Formulary/Bud Wilson
03-22-2006, 06:56 PM
The uncoated Baryta paper from Kentmere is now available at the Formulary.
APUG member photoengineer has done extensive coating testing on this batch of paper and has acheived satisfactory results with different coating formulas and methods.
This paper is in limited quantity at this time and is available in master sheets
30"x40". We will prepack a limited amount in the following sizes. 9x11, 11x14,
and 16x20. We can custom cut to size if needed. You won't see it on our web site yet but a call to 800-922-5255 will get you any info you may need.

It's a great day for Chemistry. thanxs Bud