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02-28-2007, 08:47 AM
Yesterday I asked to Silverprint abot ULF Ilford Film and they replied me this

Yes, we will be able to place one order this year, in the first week of
March. Unfortunately they haven't given us a price yet, so I can't let
you know how much it will be.

I've decided to buy a 8x20 camera, and I usually use for my 8x10 Ilford Films, I would like to buy also for the new my format.
Now I can decide to buy in UK or USA, in Italy my dealer isn't able to put this order.



Simon R Galley
03-01-2007, 05:16 AM
Dear All,

Reality check time : What has got lost in the mists of time is why we special make ULF film.....we MUST cover our costs to produce it, it is obviously hand finished, and it is very, very, very small by volume and value and under no circumstances would it be viable to hold it in stock, we supply these items as a SERVICE to our customers, whether you believe it or not, and because it matches our strategy to have the widest range of products available for monochrome and our end users, hence this is why we we have to pre sell it to ensure we have sufficient volume to cover the manufacturing costs. The reseller profile also affects what we do, why ? simple, we have about 20 dealers / resellers in the World who are able and willing to handle this product, and they do not want to to have excess stock of this item either, and I do not blame them. As was said above we value all our reseller partners, especially those willing to manage this sales process for us. But this does make it difficult to 'arrange' a suitable, slick and efficient supply chain for our end users.

When people ask about other 'country' distributors around the World, they are made aware of the product but in 99% of cases its not even viable to raise the item on their computer systems, which does have a cost. As to the UK Direct2Dealer list, we only put items in it that are truly stock items, ( ie items that are stock items or that can be manufactured for stock within 2 working days ) we do not hold ULF film in stock, nor can it be made in 2 days, therefore it cannot be in the list. Finally, as to our UK resellers of ULF they are different from the USA, which is why they have not had the supply prices as yet, to make it easier for them we break our own rules and 'over' make the USA orders and make that small stock available to them, and indeed they can, and do ship Europe and World wide.

I note your idea re Focus, seems easy, its not, we do not sell off the stand, and we do not have storage facilities for film.

It has been said in this thread that other ULF products, from other manufacturers are available, that is absolutely true, and it is your prerogative as a consumer to buy from whoever you wish, but it was the end user feedback, especially from APUG that encouraged us to make our products available.

Finally, I do not normally respond to peoples personal opinions, as we all have the right to hold them and express them and that is absolutely right, what I do have a little bit of a problem with is anybody stating that we do not care about our customers, because we really do care, I care and the other 395 people who work at ILFORD Photo really care.

Kind Regards

Simon : ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited

03-01-2007, 01:48 PM
As I said at the start of this thread Johannes, don't hold your breath.



Bob F.
03-06-2007, 01:00 PM
Silverprint (http://www.silverprint.co.uk/)have put the following in their News section:


This is the full listing of the non-standard size Ilford films to be available in the new annual programme from Ilford / Harman Technology. Although dealers in the US closed to acceptance of further orders on 2/3/07, as establishing UK prices took some time, we have been given a further period of time to accept UK & European orders.
The prices shown here are in UK pounds sterling, without 17.5% VAT
Sizes are in inches, and all sizes are packs of 25 sheets.
The listing shows code, type, size in inches and price - some sizes have not been priced for the UK, if you need these sizes please contact us.
Goods will be manufactured this month for delivery by the end of March

followed by a list of sizes and prices.

Cheers, Bob.

03-12-2007, 08:12 AM
I placed an order with Silverprint for two boxes of HP5 14x17. I placed a similar order with Freestyle.

Silverprint has come back to me today telling me that Ilford requires (for the 14x17, I guess, but I am not 100% sure) a minimum order of 6 boxes.

At this point I am confused on whether this is due to (1) lack of 14x17 requests worldwide or (2) a minimum order from every (European?) vendor as a pre-requisite regardless of size.

Can someone from Ilford shed some light on this? Frankly, 2 boxes form Freestyle and 6 from Silverprint would vaporize my piggy bank and my long-lasting relationship with my wife...

... has anybody gotten back some info from US vendors re: how the ULF run is proceeeding?