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02-11-2007, 09:23 AM
I was just wondering what people use to carry their panoramics arround in. Ordinary back-pack, and carries etc just don't seem to fit the bill.
At the moment I use a leather holdall ment for normal luggage not camera equipment.
I have a 6x24 with a spear lense with cones a GG back and other ods and ends its not particularly successful, but I havn't come across anything better.
So any advice would be usefull

PS I generally do lanscapes and often find myself up a mountain in Scotland in very changable weather.

02-11-2007, 09:59 AM
LowePro Super Trekker, it's a backpack with padded compartments inside for your camera equipment.

02-11-2007, 11:31 PM
I do just fine with a micro trekker. It carries the Technorama and a digital camera and a couple of lenses or a Mamiya 7 and a couple of lenses. If I weren't so lazy, I'd buy a mini trekker because the extra two inches of length would come in handy.


David A. Goldfarb
02-12-2007, 08:21 AM
When I use the 6x17 back and finder with my Tech V I just seem to take a few things out and move a few things around in my Crumpler Fux Deluxe and it fits.

For a long camera like a 6x24 you might look at cases for video and movie cameras. The solution I found for carrying my Beaulieu super-8 camera with mounted zoom lens and a few other lenses was to set up a standard Domke bag (is that the D-2?--I forget--the classic one) split the long way with a long compartment on one side and three dividers on the other side. Something like that might work for a panoramic.

jamie young
02-12-2007, 10:08 AM
I use one of the big lowe packs for my roundshot 70mm camera, which is pretty big. It fits the camera, battery, my roundshot 35(for backup) and still has room for a hasselbald or slr, alond with spots for film. It should be big enough for a 624 camera.
I also have rigged up traditional backpacking packs for larger cameras. One fits my 8" cirkut outfit camera, and another my #6 outfit camera. A regular backpack, some foam, and thin plywood for rigidity, and you have a custom pack for the backcountry

02-12-2007, 11:32 AM

How rough is the terrain? Are there any trails you can follow? The reason I ask is that a few of us who can't carry all we want to take (I'll be 67 next month) use various kinds of wheeled carriers. These are good for trails and open terrain, but stairs, rocky trails or logs will stop you every time.

I carry a 7x17 camera, bag of lenses & gear, 4-7 film holders, big Ries tripod and head in a baby jogger. It has 20 inch wheels that carry it over some roughness, 100 pound capacity shock absorbers (big baby), a moving brake, a locking parking brake, and even a rain or sun top. See http://babyjogger.com/performancesingle.htm . I bought mine on eBay from a young family who were quite surprised at the description of my baby.

John Powers

02-12-2007, 11:57 AM
Thanks for all the suggestions!
I particualrly like the use of the baby buggy (jogger), which I must say is not without its merrits. I don't do mountainering as such and maybe somthing with big wheels would work.
Though also like the suggestion fom a collegue that I could hire a sherpa, (too expensive?), dragoon a nephew (even more expensive!)

02-28-2007, 10:16 AM
There is an outfit called Sherpa Carts, that makes what you are looking for.

I don't own one, but they look pretty good. Web site shows what they have