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05-09-2007, 07:51 PM
Almost done writing on mine and will send by Friday when I have money to buy stamps. It will cost me over $4o which I don't mind but I'm a little broke right now.

Will comment on the fantastic cards I have already received soon.

Yeah, tell me about it! The postage on these big rounds is something that I try to impress on people new to the exchange. It can get $$pricey$$ if you send a card to everyone. Many of mine were dropped off already, but I too have to pick up some more stamps so not everyone will get mine around the same time.

- Randy

05-09-2007, 11:22 PM
Mine just need stamps. I'll take them to the post office tomorrow.

Samad Asad
05-10-2007, 10:14 AM
I received 3 more cards today.

Watching the show from Bastiaan, Castle Great Hall, Prague from Allen Friday and The Laughing Frog from Brian McCarthy.

I did not list those received earlier, but will do so over the next few posts. 29 lovely postcards received till date. Thanks all.


05-11-2007, 11:45 PM
8 more postcards this week:

Mikeg sent a beautiful landscape view
So did Stan160, though this was more mountainous
The underbelly of a bridge is a classic image from Brian
Matt sent a nicely 'contrasty' image of a tree skeleton
Something's up with the postcards from Sweden because Matti's and Henning's were both torn - and their images are so divergent - one is a street scene, the other a minimalist rural scene
Samad has a nice street scene of a man on a bicycle
Tom's postcard looks like it came from the moon
Keep'em coming people. A fantastic round.

Regards, Art.

05-12-2007, 12:30 AM
I have been away from the computer for couple of days.
Seven cards arrived :
Matti a wonderful image of a farm in Sweden. I like this one , totally flat image ,paper has an interesting look.
Tom Kershaw Moon scape in Suffolk, very dramatic.
Samad Asad " Old women crossing the road with the Young child" It would be interesting to know what did you use to shoot this post card with and what film developer, paper did you use?
Brian Chambers Very interesting view of the bridge, symmetrical but it isn't. Nice.
I received a very nice Cyanotype From Timothy I believe, it is nice to sign post cards but some time necessary to include printed name.Thanks.
" Stena sLime" From timeUnit very interesting observation. What is Stena Lime anyway? Very nice night photo.
Hannig I used split image attachment for my lens that I bought on eBay for couple of bucks. It is double exposure. You shoot left side and run to do the other :D . Thanks for the comment.
And an post card from stan160 of a light house. Very sharp image and good tonal values. Well done.

Thank you all it is a great exchange.

Cheers Greg

Pete H
05-12-2007, 01:18 AM
7 more cards in the last few days :)

Mikeg: The Long Mynd - what a great place to live! I was once attacked by a carnivorous sheep up there.
Brian MacCarthy: The Avenger - nicely composed with the face framed by the arm.
Ian (Stan 160): Snowdonia looking very familiar, great view and grey clouds!
Allen Friday: Beautifully toned shot of the Castle Great Hall in Prague.
Timothy: Another great cyanotype. It's funny how an old shed can be so photogenic.
Matt Gorringe: Very stark tree skeleton.
Brian Chambers: Contrasting the hard lines & geometry of a bridge with the softness of the water.

Thank you all

05-12-2007, 05:53 AM
Mikeg: The Long Mynd - what a great place to live! I was once attacked by a carnivorous sheep up there.


I went for a run across the fields this morning -- I wondered why the sheep kept chasing after me!



05-12-2007, 09:02 AM
My skiing coach is a Kiwi. I know a bunch of sheep jokes.

I got Mikeg's terrific landscape yesterday.

05-13-2007, 01:02 AM
I have been remiss in not commenting earlier on the wonderful postcards I have received in this round. So far I’ve received 19. Here’s my comments:

Allen Friday - “Castle Great Hall Prague” - the image glows, and the sepia tone is beautiful
Bastiaan - Bastiaan Spruijt - “ ”Watching the Show” - sharp, fine range of tones, and such a great model :)
BlackDog - Jake Williams - “The Loan and Level Sands 1, Utah Beach” - interesting reflections, in more than one way
brchambe - Brian Chambers - a great image - the highways and roads and bridges around the Seattle area are fascinating
Buster6x6 - Greg Dejanovic - “My brother and me” - a warm and detailed image that shows how much a small image can really contain
Don Grindstaff - the cat and the rabbit - great and fun (and a beautiful print too).
IngoBohn - “Who’s Rudiger, Who’s Ingo?” - I always like a good story, and a great use of including the rebate too
Jim Bradley - “Valentine Day Orchids” - beautiful images of orchids, and a contact print from an 8x10 negative, I’ve always wanted one of those (oops, does this mean I am in trouble :))
jmontero - Javier Montero - a good first attempt at printing, and a great reminder of my visit to Spain, way too many years ago. I’m curious Javier, where in Spain was this shot?
jstraw - Michael Newman - “209 104" - great tones and texture
KingJon - Jonathan King - “Moose Calf” - this really made me smile - moose are amazing creatures aren’t they? I had too laugh though, because initially when I read “Mom was just out of the frame eyeing me with some apprehension.”, I thought you were referring to your Mom
Lynda - Lynda Pavek - “The First Snow” - good work Lynda, it really looks cold
Mike Wilde - “Poverty Acres Abandon” - an interesting scene, beautifully printed. Thanks for the information about the billboards
rst - Ruediger Stobbe - “Who’s Ingo, Who’s Rudiger?” - the other half of the story, and just as much fun
rwyoung - Robert Young - “Doppler Radar Weather Station” - this looks outer worldly, and is nicely printed
Salmoniod - Tim Gordish - a cyanotype - the tone and colour works so well with the subject matter. I really like your postcard stamp on the back as well
Samad Asad - “Man on bicycle” - an interesting image from Singapore - thanks for sharing!
ScottH - Scott Hamming - “Chicago Il” - an intriguing image, with lots of areas of interest and beautiful tones in the print
timeUnit - Henning Sjögren - “Stena Slime” - a wonderful capture of interesting light and an intriguing sign

Thanks everyone for a great round.


05-14-2007, 02:49 PM
Hello all

My postcards were delivered at the post office today, so hopefully they will start arriving pretty soon. Maybe this time the one sent to Pete H in Oslo will beat the others, or will it use 11 ays again?

I have received cards from the following, and as always it is much appreciated.
Allen Friday
Bastiaan Spruijt
Jake Williams
Greg Dejanovic
Donald Grindstaff
Ingo Bohn
Jim Bradley
Lynda Pavek
Mark Fisher
Mark Sauerwald
Matt King
Mick Fagan
Mike Wilde
Josep Miro
Peter Harris
Randy Libersky
Tim Gordish
Samad Asad
Scott Hamming
Tim Gray
Tom Kershaw
James Herbst
Brian McCarthy
Brian Chambers
Art Liem
Brian Jeffery
Michael Newman
Jacco .F. de Kraker
Matti Palm
Mike Groves
Ruediger Stobbe
Robert Young
Henning Sjögren

Matti, your print had been torn in two by the postal system, but they had taped the two pieces back together again.


Birger A.

05-14-2007, 06:00 PM
As usual, being my disorganised self, I forgot someone.

I have received Ian Hardings landscape from Wales.


Birger A.

Allen Friday
05-14-2007, 06:39 PM
Today I recieved 4 postcards. Three of them were wonderful images. The last, not so great. I put it on the bottom of the pile and started reading the descriptions. When I got the the last card, I realized it wasn't from the exchange. A friend of mine from Missouri is traveling and he sent me a purchased postcard from Rome. The photograph of St. Peter's Square is severely lacking compared to the cards I have received in the exchange.


05-15-2007, 04:34 PM
Received Nick Carpentieris posttcard of the St. Basils Cathedral today. I like the mixture of different shapes and the contrast of the print.



Birger A.

05-15-2007, 09:20 PM
Two more post cards arrived today, wonderful.
A beautiful vista from Mike Groves Very nice gray tones, and Voigtlander lenses rock!
Second one from Allen Friday with Castle Great Hall in Prague. A touch of tone looks really good. Mamiya 7II has really good lenses, look at the detail. Very nice.
Thanks guy's


Pete H
05-16-2007, 04:51 PM
Hello all

My postcards were delivered at the post office today, so hopefully they will start arriving pretty soon. Maybe this time the one sent to Pete H in Oslo will beat the others, or will it use 11 days again?



Birger A.

Nothing yet, Birger, but 11 days is not the record. My wife was still in England in February, so she sent a Valentines day card. It arrived in March.

In the mean time, three more cards have arrived.

Nck Carpentieri's mosaic-like image of St Basil's Cathedral. The shapes are great,
James (blackmelas) lovely lith print of some pickled centipedes. At first I thoight there were dragons in the jar.
Bob F's warmtone tulip. Elegant simplicity, beautifully printed.

Thank you folks! :D


05-16-2007, 06:24 PM
Part of the reason that I love photography is that it is so much nicer to see the image than to write about anything. The post cards are wonderful! I got Mark_S card first and I can well believe that the building is no longer there, but it made a very cool picture. Mike W's poverty abandon acres was next, also very cool, and what is a string tripod? So far 2 falling down buildings and the third one was jstraws with such nice texture, and I thought maybe I shouldn't have sent a snow scene, and these were all beautifully printed too.
Then Mick's card came 4th, also beautifully done and now I am feeling out of my league. 5th was Double Feature from Rudiger-what fun! 6th the Heretic from PeteH I love the depth of field. The 7th card was from Buster 6x6 my Brother and Me, another fun one! 8th I recieved BlackDogs Bridford 1 a lovely pic of the woods, (what sort of camera is a Nesbitt?) and the 9th card was from Art, a cyanotype. OK, so now I know I am really out of my league my brain reels from thought of making that many cyanotypes, and yes I like it very much. card #10 was from Rlibersky at first I thought a Hollywood glamor shot, but not with plans and tools. (The pencil was funny too) Very nice! I like the lighting. #11 was the House of Horrors from Mark Fisher at first I thought it was grafitti, but then I read the card, it's printed quite nicely, was it taken during the day? It makes me think of night time, buit it looks too nice for that (if I had done it anyway). 12th card was from Donald G and the rabbit doesn't look worried, (he would if that was my cat) the color is a lovely warm tone, and it suits the photo well and the orange striping from the post office doesn't even show. 13th card was the drop sand castle from rmartin, I had no idea that was sand until I read the back, the color is nice, (I tried that the same toner but didn't get that deep of a copper color). Valentine's Day Orchids from J Bradley were next, (14th) and I want to try without borders next time, this card looks so complete and finished this way. 15th the Floating Bridge arrived in my mail box from brchambe, it looks mysterious from this angle, and I am wondering-does it really float? the 16th card came from Andorra and the card got wet because the senders name is smeared, It looks rather sad and old, I would have guessed the destruction was older than 1937, nice detail in the print.
I think I 'll post the rest tomorrow as this is so long, Lynda

05-16-2007, 11:43 PM
30 cards for me so far! Wow what a stack of fun! Here is a list of the cards I think work the best.

Michael Newman- "209 104"
PeteH- Found Leaf
Allen Friday- Castle Great Hall
Simulatordam- Leaving Newlyn
Nick Carpentier- St. Basils
Matt King- Can you Guess?

Of course this is just my own subjective opinion. Thanks everyone!

05-17-2007, 06:35 AM
I received another stack of cards over the last two weeks, so, time for another update, in random order. (As I somehow lost count, there may be some comments on postcards that I had already commented on...)

Lynda: Snow! I believe we only had one day of that the past winter, and of course, it was *exactly* the day that I didn't bring any camera...
Tom Kershaw: It really looks like a moonscape indeed! I didn't know there was such a place on earth. Nice shot!
Brian Chambers: Nice composition, floating bridges.
Henning: Jättebra! What a nice observation, and a great "mood" in this evening/night (hey, it could even be 4 P.M. if it was taken in the winter) shot.
Ian: Quite a walk for you before you could take that picture. Nice view!
Matthew Gorringe: tree skeleton, nice!
hal9000: The 2nd or 3rd 4x5 I received. You are really tempting me to get a 4x5... :mad: ;) I like this shot, especially the shadow on the far wall, dividing it into two triangles. Oh, and the dark sky.
Tim Gordish: old shack. Still so much detail, very nice.
Allen Friday: Wow. The sepia toning really works for this Prague castle shot, lovely!
Mikeg: Sounds great to live just a few minutes away from such a nice view.
kwadjo: Nice contrasty photo, I also like the composition (the "standard tourist shot" would be to include all towers and sky, this is much nicer).
Birger: When you live in Norway, there's no need to visit another country for a honeymoon... I will certainly pay a visit to Lofoten someday!
James: "Eeew, a scary picture today!", that's what my girlfriend said. I like it very much, though. And once you know what you're looking at, it's not that scary anymore. You are really "the master" in describing your ideas between taking the photo and sending the postcard, so nice to read, to get a glimpse into the thought-process of another photographer.
Last but not least, Matti: this is a great print! You're certainly in my top 3 for this round. Absolutely lovely. Tack så mycket!

05-17-2007, 09:33 AM
I'm enjoying blackmelas' bugs and kwadjo's russki cathedral today.

Both very well done.

Tim Gray
05-17-2007, 11:40 AM
Just wanted to say that I've received a ton of cards so far and am really enjoying this.

My fridge looks lovely. (I apologize for the digitalness of the picture below)