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Mark Fisher
07-31-2007, 08:22 AM
Sorry, but my cards will be out, but late this round. Vacations, family obligations and work conspired against me. I should be able to get it done in the next couple of weeks, though.

07-31-2007, 07:59 PM
I received 4 postcards today!! What a treat and a delight.
Ingo: Your version of the Mannheim memorial really compliments Ruediger's.
Buster 6X6: Love your image of the Corsair airplane's bent wing.
Valerie: Gorgeous image of "Magic Rocks". Well done.
PepMiro: Wow you have some amazing landscapes where you live in Andorra.Very painterly rendition. I enjoyed it very much.

07-31-2007, 10:18 PM
Hello everyone!

I've been working on mine this week and should be able to get them out by the weekend. About 10 great cards received thus far. I'll post specifics in a few days.


07-31-2007, 10:26 PM
Thanks Kate and Matt for your kind comments.
Four more cards came today.
Peter Schrager's "Flashdance" somewhere in Florida, some tourist visit places like that ;)
Peter Warwick "Burst water" on Edinbrough street, a successful night shot which I can't say for some of mine :( . Well done.
Tim Gray Interesting framing of an derelict Casino.
erikg "Big Bottles" of Labatt and Molson beer bottles, very nice shot especially like the lens contrast and black frame around the image.

So far great images, thanks,


08-01-2007, 08:45 AM
So, just an update, in the meantime 6 more cards arrived. Thanks to Peter for the image from Edinburgh, Brians Krakow market square, Diannas square card of a boy (is it your son?), Eriks very funny Big Bottles, shot in Hamburg, well, Hamburg NY it is, and Peters Flashdance.

That was only five cards? Ohhh yes, and then I had a very special card, with personal delivery (who needs a post office?) in a small Cafe in Tübingen. Thanks to Mick for Pocket Rocket. Mick visited Germany, so Ingo and I decided to meet with him and we had a great day in Tübingen, saw lots of very nice images Mick brought to Germany, hung around, talked a lot and obviously did some photographing in that nice city. That was a real pleasure. So Mick, I hope you had a good trip back to Australia. Thanks again for staying with us. And did I mention that it was a pleasure to meet with you?

-- Ruediger

08-01-2007, 08:52 AM
I finally got round to posting all of my cards out last night, however the UK post office currnetly has a number of strikes until mid august, so there may be a delay until they arive.


08-01-2007, 10:40 PM
Rst and Ingo,
That must have been great to meet Mick. I'll bet he had some good stories to tell.
Received MattKing's: postcard of a derelict fishing boat in a river I'm so familiar with. Always a pleasure Matt! I love the colour of the print too. It's not sepia or is it?

08-01-2007, 11:00 PM
Rst and Ingo,
That must have been great to meet Mick. I'll bet he had some good stories to tell.
Received MattKing's: postcard of a derelict fishing boat in a river I'm so familiar with. Always a pleasure Matt! I love the colour of the print too. It's not sepia or is it?


Sepia it is - essentially the first time I've used Sepia toner in over 25 years!

Glad you like it.


08-02-2007, 11:38 PM
My postcard just went out today. All 52 of them. They should arrive in the next week or two.


Mick Fagan
08-03-2007, 09:04 AM
Hello all, just returned a few hours ago from an eventful trip to Germany. My mother in-law turned 90 last Sunday and my wife and I went to celebrate with the rest of her family.

The highlight of the trip was a meet with Rüdiger and Ingo in Tübingen. Both of them took a day off work to take me out for the whole day in Tübingen, is that dedication or what? They even came and picked me up and dropped me back home.

We had a session in the cafe talking photography in general and specifically over their cameras that they had with them, as well some prints I brought along for discussion.

We then ambled around the town and I have to say that I learnt more about Leica M6 and Voigtländer rangefinder cameras, than any excursion to a camera shop or fair would accomplish. I will seriously look at the Voigtländer R4M as a possible camera in the future.

Rüdiger and I exchanged cards personally, which is something I don't think will happen again too soon.

Kate, and I think someone else, remarked about, "Pocket Rocket" on my picture of Jessie. Well Jessie is a little dynamo, as well as being a perfect description of good things coming in small sizes.

Out of a quick backyard shoot between the two travelling lasses from Germany, this frame of Jessie stood out to me as quite good. To Jessie herself, she picked it immediately from the contact sheet. Her words were, "this is how I see myself!" Kate, her travelling companion, agreed. The mounted and matted 12x16" print is really quite something, especially as it is manipulated slightly to add an edge the postcard doesn't have.

I had a quick look at the pile of postcards and will comment on them later, I'm off to bed after 32 hours of non-stop travel!


08-04-2007, 12:14 AM
Three more cards arrived today.
Tim has send a card with moon like landscape,very nice flowing lines.I like it.
rmartin Torry pines state park. Contrasty and sharp. Well done.
Hi Matt BIG card. Beautiful Sepia toned derelict boat. I forgot how nice Sepia looks. Lot of good ideas coming my way. Thanks.


08-04-2007, 09:56 AM
Hello all,
Thanks for all the great cards I've received.
Most of mine got mailed this past week. I've got a few more still to send out, should happen today or Monday.


Black Dog
08-04-2007, 05:05 PM
Recieved so far:
Pines by Rob Martin-lovely subtle chinese brush painting like feel to it.Is PF130 the same as Ansco 130?

Icelandic Glacier by Tim Walls-Marvellously bleak and minimal....

Derelict by Matt King-looks really old but also contemporary at once.The light on the ropes contrasts nicely with the dark tones of the hull behind them

Lone fisherman by Geoff Hill-has a similar minimal feel to Tim's glacier with the lonely figure surrounded by empty sea

Frozen lake by Birger A-love the sculpted look of the frozen reeds (shades of Giacometti) set against the dark watery background...

Toronto Skyline by Art-dramatic sky and made by the higlighted
building on the right-such a small detail but the image just wouldn't work without it

St Edith's Church by Mike G-another great light/dark contrast, which reminds me of CS Lewis, where you discover another world at the back of the wardrobe...

Airshow by Alex-this is a really well caught moment-possibly needs a little more contrast but this is just personal taste -I'd love to see the contact sheet!

Boy in Garden by Dianna-this could be a still found at the back of the enchanted wardrobe (see 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'-CS Lewis) . arrived with TL corner missing but important details all still intact:) Thanks for the extra PC BTW-also excellent with its converging lines and chiaroscuro (been meaning to use that one for a while now) around the (same?) boy

Pete H
08-05-2007, 05:49 AM
Well, I've received 19 cards so far. Another great round - thanks to all.
I won't be sending out my own cards until the end of August. It's taking longer than I expected to get the darkroom set up, mainly because business trips keep popping up at short notice :(

08-05-2007, 06:09 AM
This week yielded a smaller bounty of three very nicely printed B&W postcards:

A very magnificent pine tree by RMartin
Greg sent a wonderfully composed image of a Corsair's bent up wing
And the image from BirgerA of the frozen vegetation in a local pond is amazing

Thanks, Art.

Samad Asad
08-05-2007, 11:20 AM

I would like to inform that I'll be able to start making my postcards next week. Work, classes, and the minor room renovation. :)

In the mean time, I'd like to thank the members for the 13 postcards that I had received.

Jonathan King - Frye's Measure Hill.
Black Dog (Jake Williams) - Cranbook Castle 1
Mick Fagan - 'Jesse is a pocket rocket'
Ingobohn - The glass memorial in Mannheim
Reudiger - Another picture of the glass memorial in Mannheim
Tim Gray - Old Casino building
Art - A scene from downtown Toronto.
PepMiro - a photo taken from Coll d'Ordino road in Andorra.
ericg (Erik Gould) - Big Bottles
Buster 6x6 (Greg) - "Bent wing bird - CORSAIR"
Birger A. - a detail from the local lake.

There is one more though, the stamp indicates that it is from the USA but I'm unsure who sent it, as only my details are on the postcard. Its a picture of a boy sitting on a concrete structure looking down at the camera.

Thanks for very nice postcards.

Black Dog
08-05-2007, 11:34 AM
Samad-that's one of Dianna's (have the same one myself).

08-06-2007, 03:00 PM
I should have mine out by the end of the week sorry for the delay.

08-06-2007, 05:24 PM
Pines by Rob Martin-lovely subtle chinese brush painting like feel to it.Is PF130 the same as Ansco 130?

Thanks. I had not thought of it like a chinese brush painting but I think that works. I was just happy to get it to print like it felt when I took the shot. ;)

PF130 is the Photographers Formulary packaging of Ansco 130. Same formula.

I received a few postcards before leaving on holiday and I have heard that quite a few more have arrived. I will post acknowledgments, thanks, and comments when I get back this weekend.


Justin Low
08-07-2007, 07:00 AM
I've received a number of great looking postcards. Thanks!

Unfortunately due to work commitments, I've not been able to find the time to make my postcards. I'll try to send them out over the next fortnight or so. Sorry!