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08-10-2007, 02:33 PM
We are now selling both Agfa and Rollei products in our store.

AGFA Rodinal is available in both 125ml and 500ml bottles, and Sistan (New) is available in 500ml size. In addition, we have a huge supply of the last ever 35mm rolls of APX100 and APX400. These top quality films are dated late 2010 and are being sold at a big discount compared to other premium films on the market. As a special introductory offer, we are giving away a free roll of APX100 with each bottle of Rodinal.

We have been testing some of the Rollei products this summer, and have been really impressed with the quality on offer. We have the Rollei films, Infrared IR400, Pan25 and Ortho25, in various roll and sheet sizes. We also have new stock of Vintage Creative lith developer, and the complete Rollei Black Magic liquid emulsion system, including both variable contrast and graded emulsions as well as gelatin sizing medium and special hardening additive. The new 300ml bottles feature an ultra-wide mouth which allows for much easier access to the emulsion.

We will be publishing more independent test results of Rollei films later this summer.

For these products and more please visit: http://www.digitaltruth.com

08-31-2007, 02:32 AM
As I remember it, the Rollei line of films is the old Maco line which have been noted for many years as a premium film. I believe some are still being sold as Maco while others are under the Rollei name. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
At any rate, I'll be ordering some of the Agfa after payday from you.

Michael :)

09-03-2007, 04:20 AM
Hi Michael,

The Rollei films are manufactured by Maco, and some of them used to be sold under the Maco label; however, they are not all the same: Rollei IR400 is completely different to the old Maco IR820c which is now sold as Efke IR820. All of the films are premium quality and original German productions. The Maco brand has now been replaced by Rollei and any Maco-branded products are older packagings.

For more information about Rollei IR400 infrared film, please have a look at our independent product tests:

www.digitaltruth.com/store/product_tests/infrared_film_001.php (http://www.digitaltruth.com/store/product_tests/infrared_film_001.php)

We will be publishing additional data on Rollei Pan25 and Ortho25 soon, but in the meantime, this analysis of Pan25 might be useful:

www.digitaltruth.com/store/product_tests/slow_film_001.php (http://www.digitaltruth.com/store/product_tests/slow_film_001.php)