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10-08-2012, 12:21 PM
However, the experiments at RIT may not have been as exacting as those at Kodak.

I wouldn't doubt that for a moment. On the other hand, many folks from or formerly from EK (ie Burt Carroll) and Polaroid are cited as assisting with or guiding some of this work, so how bad can it be? University master's thesis experiments are usually pretty low budget so they might be good for guidance of efforts that could be pulled off by individuals outside of the corporate environment.

Photo Engineer
10-08-2012, 12:45 PM
There was much that Burt could not reveal to his students due to the NDA with Kodak. He could guide and teach, but only within certain limits. The programs at Chiba in Japan were far deeper than those at RIT in the same time period. I knew both Burt and Dr. Kubo from Chiba, and the description that I had was that the MS program at RIT was about similar to the BS program at Chiba. In fact, Chiba had a PhD program in photographic science and engineering.