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12-26-2007, 11:53 AM
I was reading all the threads on the Polaroid system and this made me think about how we could go about getting Polaroid to make drawings of their filmholders and developer awailable to the public. I guess they have a patent on both the filmholder and developer. But I am also quite sure that tehy dont make enough money on the patents to keep them current. By making the drawings awailable to the public, Polaroid could probably make more photographers interested in the format and sell more film. If we could get Polaroid to administrate a usergroup it could be a good way to locate other users of the format.

Do any of You have a contact with Polaroid or an idea on how we could go about with this if You think it is a good idea.

12-26-2007, 04:37 PM
You do know that Wisner "reverse" engineered the film holder and processor apparatus and has made several copies that are in use, and I don't think Polaroid cares about that. If Polaroid ever decides to cease making the film available, then that would be it. The Polaroid color film and print material is probably the most complicated silver-based emulsion technology ever conceived. Of course Fuji does make some in smaller formats.
In other words, I think anybody is free to make a camera/processor to utilize the Polaroid 20x24 material...but what is the "longer term" status of the film?? You do know that the costs per exposure are $75.00 or more.