View Full Version : Japanese lens identification help.

01-18-2008, 06:56 PM
I need help with identifying a lens that is on a pre war Japanese semi format folder. The lens reads: NETT Anistigmat 1:4.5 F=7.5cm No 2055. I cannot find any information on NETT anywhere. Do you know anything about these lenses? The lens is mounted in a Wing Anchor shutter, which was used on the Semi Sixteenth camera according to Camerapedia.

The camera itself is another odd one. It is supposed to be a Semi Kinka according to the embossed front leatherette, made by the Yamamoto Camera Works. The struts should be engraved with "KINKA YCW", but mine just have the initials KKS. The rest of the body style and components match pictures of Semi Kinka cameras shown online. Any help on these would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.