Andrew Moxom
03-24-2008, 04:57 PM
Sorry for the caps, but I wanted to gauge interest earlier than last year when we had our first northern MN gathering. That said, we had a lot of interest last year but only a few takers who committed. I hope that with better planning and scheduling, we can get a lot better turn out.

I know many folks will be going to Bill's Northern Michigan gathering this summer, I am unable to attend unfortunately.... If we know what dates to work and plan around for, I am hopeful we can get good turn outs without impacting the other gatherings going on.

So this year for MN, I took into account folks wanting to go a little later in September. I was thinking about Thursday September 11th through Monday 15th. We will have a full moon on Monday 15th also so we could have potential for good night shots. Last year we went on September 7th, so we are only a week further out. Let's see if this works for everyone.

It's open to anyone, so let's start getting the dates confirmed, and scheduled, and figure out who's coming. I'm volunteering to organize this year again.

I figure on camping again in my trailer, and am not sure if others are camping, or hotelling it. Personally, the trailer was a blast last time, and I think that camping at Temperance River State park is the right answer. It's well kept, has power and water hookups, and is right in the middle of everything.



Andrew Moxom
06-17-2008, 12:12 PM
Okay, only one resident from Wisconsin is attedning the MN APUG gathering this fall. You are all welcome.

With Bill's gathering in June, and the Ohio gathering now scheduled for September. Is there still interest in the Northen MN gathering? I know Thomas piped up and mentioned to the Ohio group there would be some potential overlap. So I am curious who is still up for the Northern MN gathering?? I am still willing to organize this, and we will need to solidify this ASAP and book camp sites. Dates are Thursday September 11th through Monday 15th were our dates.

Here's who was initially signed up:-
Andrew Moxom preference to camp centrally located at Temperence River State Park, and move camp if need be
Mgb74 preference ??
Zenrhino preference ??
Eclarke preference preference to camp centrally at Temperance River State Park.
Thomas Bertilsson preference to camp centrally at Temperance River State Park.
Deisenlord preference to camp centrally located at Temperance River State Park.
George Minerich preference to camp centrally at Temperance River State Park
Bill Schwab preference No preference, will go with the flow.

I still need follow-up from zenrhino, and Mgb74

Sessions of Light
02-20-2009, 12:41 AM
Hello, I'm new to APUG and I think this would be a great opportunity. I Love the Idea of going out under the full moon and doing some night shots! Also I would be up for some camping. I'm from Wisconsin so works out for me. If you could get me more details that would be appreciated. Thanks!


Andrew Moxom
03-02-2009, 10:26 AM
Dave, next time we have a trip planned, we will certainly let you know. I posted in the WI regional forum the last two years and yours was the only response for the fall trips!! not sure if we are planning one next fall or not though. We've done it the last two years running, as well as a few winter excursions. Watch this space for any future trips. That said, are you going to photosock next June at Bill schwab's place in MI. Should be an easy trip for you. Get the ferry across.

03-02-2009, 12:23 PM
Hi Andrew.
We emailed each other a while ago regarding a fall gathering. If you folks would like to travel a little farther and come to Canada (about 90 min from Temperance River), I would like to host the gathering at my place on Warnica Lake, about 18 miles outside of Thunder Bay. I have a two bedroom guesthouse that has four beds, but can sleep a lot more with sleeping bags and air mattresses. If someone wants to bring a camper, there is room to park one or two of those too. The guesthouse has satellite TV, high speed wireless internet, and is fully winterized. Washroom facilities are in the main house, about 50 feet from the guesthouse. (with no running water, I don't have to heat the guesthouse all winter). The only costs to anyone would be the cost to get here, and food. If we all happen to meet back at dinner time, I can throw some burgers on the barbee, fire up the sauna, and we can eat, drink, tell a few lies and have a few laughs.
Swimming in Sept-Oct is "breathtaking" to say the least.

I'm flexible as to what weekend (thurs-sun?), so if you, Thomas and Bill can find a time in your schedules (and anyone else who wants to attend), let me know what weekend works for you folks, and I'll make arrangements to meet people on the drive in, or provide maps etc.

If you want, I'll post some images of the grounds and guesthouse.

Lots of good photo ops around Thunder Bay. Sleeping Giant, Thunder Bay Harbour, Old Fort William, Kakabeka Falls ("Niagara of the North"), Silver Islet (richest silver mine in the world), etc.

Rick Jason

Andrew Moxom
03-02-2009, 12:41 PM
Sounds like it has possibilities! As for this fall I know I may not be able to manage it schedule wise. I am going to photostock in Michgan in June See the Michigan regional forum for details around that. Back to Michigan in August to spend vacation with the family. Then Hawaii in September around the time we would normally go up north to the MN fall gathering.

If you want to take the lead in arranging something for Fall go ahead and mention it. All I am saying at this point is I am likely not up for organizing this one, but if I could attend for a few days, I'll see how my PTO. Its going to be a busy year I can see it!