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05-17-2008, 11:23 AM
We here should all know that a business selling stuff has to recoup its costs and make a profit to remain in business, no matter whether its charges are called "surcharges" or "shipping", or are merely incorporated into the price of each item. So why quibble over terminology? Thinking--and some awareness of economics--trumps doublespeak every time.

Anyone who has used The Formulary (I have) recognizes that they offer good products and service at fair prices, and that shipping charges aren't directly their fault. Anyone can buy from TF, or find another source--the market at work. I imagine it costs them more not only to ship stuff to their customers, but more to obtain their own stock. If you can do better elsewhere, you probably should. Good luck with that....

If you can figure out which pandering politician to blame for "high gas prices" (I believe it is the Secretary of Gas-Price-Setting) by all means vote him/her out of office and await the sunny Garden of Eden to follow when his/her successor "does something" about the problem. No elected official in the US sets gas prices, unless you count Congress, which has done all it can to decrease supply; or Ben Bernanke (indirectly a presidential creature), whose loose-money policies have fueled the devaluation of the dollar and a worldwide commodity-price runup; or whoever is telling 2.5 billion Indians and Chinese to expand their economies and demand more oil. Last I read, none of those guys are up for office here, though I think the Republicans would clutch at any passing lifeboat come November....

I suppose I am to be chided once more for "soapboxing". Bud, keep doing what you're doing; you're more than worthy of the APUG community's continued support.