View Full Version : Last Call: Barcelona Wet Plate Workshop

05-07-2008, 08:32 AM
07 May 2008

Hello Everyone,

ATELIERETAGUARDIA Studio in Barcelona, Spain just gave me notice that there's still a couple of spaces open for the May 23 - 25 wet plate collodion workshop.

If you're in Europe and you want to learn the complete process (equipment, chemistry, positive, negative and printing) send them an email and reserve a place now! This is going to be a fantastic time in a great space with terrific people. Three days of "black paw bliss!"

Here's a PDF you can read (Spanish and English - 1.24MB). (http://www.collodion.com/PDF/Barcelona_Workshop.pdf)

Contact them as soon as possible to reserve a place.

c/riereta 20 bis
08001 Barcelona (Spain)
+34 93 4429442