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07-23-2008, 09:03 AM
This particular page (link below) belongs to a woman who builds devices that can probably best be described as "electromechanics as art". Not taking into account the obvious military surplus she is restoring (check out those pages too), she has built her version of the Enigma machine ("the coding machine"), the antikythera mechanism, and a mechanical version of an X-Y plotter.

Aside from the electronic connectors, metal spheres, and "possibly" the switches, she makes every other component personally. Dials, gears, everything. This work is absolutely fantastic. She is in her 60's, and apparently has been at this since she was 14 (look for the photos of the hand built oscilloscope)....


this is a link to a photo of the encoding wheels (that she made) of the coding machine that she built:


(Maybe she'd be interested in taking a crack at emulsion mixing and delivery).

(edit) I forgot to mention that it would seem that she had to design an analog computer equivalent to make some of her creations a reality.

I am floored.

(end edit)

Bob M.