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08-25-2008, 07:47 PM
Nudity and politics
make awkward
subjects online.

Great drama! Time for the APUG reality show ... :D

I am strictly an observer for this episode.

08-25-2008, 07:56 PM
Nudity and politics
make awkward
subjects online.


Nudity and politics
make baiting
and trolling
too easy


08-25-2008, 09:05 PM
Sean! A propos of this topic, you will
be pleased to know that I have put that
Gowlandflex of yours to work here in
New York.


I leave it to others to tell me what I meant
by the photograph.

08-25-2008, 10:10 PM
Awesome Sanders, great to see it put to use can't wait to see more! P.S. Just realized my post above may have come off like I thought you were baiting or trolling but that's not what I intended -It was directed to someone further back in the thread..

08-26-2008, 01:00 AM
My mother has informed me that I was born nude! Who'da thunk it?

FWIW I think Scott hit the nail on the head a while back. To take it further, my interest and response to a print will vary as much as individual responses among persons may vary, from print to print, and even depending on my mood, mindset, or any number of cues that may or may not evoke different reactions in others, because of who I am in particular, and my life experiences, and what time of day it is.

Taken as a whole, the elevated viewing numbers involving the nude simply says we are interested, but not much more. Past that information, I believe it's an individual thing.

As an aside, I've found it interesting that many comments on the subject have seemed to reveal more about the person making the comment than the subject at hand. Maybe that's a big part of it, we are more vested in type of thing, whatever the intention, because it reveals us as what we really are, sans trappings.

08-26-2008, 01:53 AM
I wonder what the statistics would be if we lived in an environment where public nudity was both commonplace, and unremarkable.

Remember, I live in the country that produced the band known as the "Barenaked Ladies".


08-26-2008, 02:49 AM
As an aside, I've found it interesting that many comments on the subject have seemed to reveal more about the person making the comment than the subject at hand. Maybe that's a big part of it, we are more vested in type of thing, whatever the intention, because it reveals us as what we really are, sans trappings.

yes good point..an inner look..which is great if your trying to grow as an artist...that's why I love forums and blogs and such...it forces you to think things out and write them down.

08-26-2008, 02:58 AM
If you are interested in showing life of "others", showing vunerability, fear, rejections of society, whatever, you also can photograph life of disfigurated people for example, or people with alergies (of air, of sun, etc...) who can't live in normal circumstances. So, again, basic question as someone already asked is, why then you photograph nudes...

For me, it is combination of aestetics, beautifull forms AND 5 millions years of evolution.

Someone once told me that when you include a face in a picture it is no longer a nude, it becomes a portrait. I think what I try to do are honest portraits...Why? because the people I photograph interest me, or I have a curiosity about their lives etc...it is like feeding a need to understand and express...also I think it important to record what you see...many of the people I have photographed are gone now, the only thing that may remain of them is the photograph..it is important that these people be remembered some how. If the work becomes collected or put into a book or shown in gallery, in a way that person is not gone!....silly I know but it is something that motivates me...I see all the faces from the past that I was not able to make a good photograph of and I feel I let them down some how (hope that does not sound to egotistical)...I guess I do it for me and for them, that's why!

08-26-2008, 03:00 AM
Speak for yourself, I'm a redblooded hetero woman who likes female nudes. I'd like male nudes if they didn't mostly look like bad, cheese gay porn shots.

What do you thing of Robert Mapplethorpes work?

08-26-2008, 03:17 AM
Nudity and politics
make awkward
subjects online.

maybe so, but has led to many interesting responses...it seems not only nude photos draw hits....nude thread titles do also!

Jeff Kubach
08-26-2008, 05:12 AM
Near where I live there is a resturant that put a Greek nude scupture outside. I didn't take offense, but there was a lot of flak in the local newspaper about it. The resturant left it up despite the fuss.


08-26-2008, 05:37 AM
What do you thing of Robert Mapplethorpes work?

We'll I've only seen some of his flower photographs and his portfolio X at a show earlier this year. The images in X are rather cringeworthy as far as some subject matter but at least they are interesting and well executed photographs. I'm not quite sure I'd claim those images in particular were Fine Art Nude so much as fetish to shock the audience. Also I seem to recalled not all of the images in that portfolio are nude in any case. Even the infamous bull whip one isn't a nude.
So I somewhat decline to give a full opinion on all of Mapplethorpe's nude work.

Bob F.
08-26-2008, 05:47 AM
Nice to know we have a peer of the realm amongst us. Pop over to Windsor often for tea in the Waterloo Chamber? :DI wrote that rather late at night. In the cold light of day it occurs that it was possibly a bit obscure...

"Honi soit qui mal y pense" : Evil be to he who evil thinks (or summat like that)... Taken in context of the Order Of The Garter, it means do not go around assuming the worst of others.

I was suggesting it be taken up as a motto by those who can only attribute the most basest of instincts to all nude image making. ;)

Well, I do live less than ten miles from Windsor Castle... Unfortunately, neither Her Maj nor Prince Chas has invited me around yet. There can only be (I think) 24 Companions of the Garter at any one time so I'll probably have to wait for Maggie Thatcher to drop off her perch before getting the Royal nod...

Cheers, Bob.

08-26-2008, 07:17 AM
Mapplethorpe's work, especially the X portfolio, was very much about shock value, although much of it is highly informed by classical art - there was a book put out a year or two ago showing his nudes in the context of the 16th to 18th century engravings that inspired his photographs. Robert Mapplethorpe and the Classical Tradition is the title, if you have the chance to look for it. Even the classical stuff, which is HIGHLY formal, has some of the shock value, showing a nude black male dancing with a clothed white female, for example, but that is as much a political statement about the times in which he lived and worked. In all, his work is very multi-layered, and if you allow yourself to look past the shock value, there is something there.

08-26-2008, 09:15 AM
Somebody had a hilarious signature line here a few years back, something to the effect of: "Now you put your naked model next to a plinth or a column, that's the ticket. Art, you understand". Works for me.

08-26-2008, 09:16 AM
And movie Dirty pictures, about exhibition of Mapplethorphe's work in Cincinnaty, starring James Woods (http://www.missliberty.com/Filmdirtypix.html, http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0217363/), shows some of it. Especially comments in "documantary" part of movie.

08-26-2008, 10:17 AM
Someone once told me that when you include a face in a picture it is no longer a nude, it becomes a portrait.

Oh I get it now. Playboy and
Penthouse publish portraits.

Lee L
08-26-2008, 10:24 AM
Oh I get it now. Playboy and
Penthouse publish portraits.

I hear they sometimes retouch them, so they may not be "realistic" representations. :o


08-26-2008, 01:54 PM
I think geryyaum and Maris are on the right track with this. Our fascination with naked may be that it is a strong indication that we have no nature and we are interpreted all the way down by the culture be are born into. The culture specifies all the possible ways we can be human and we can only understand ourselves within this context. The fact is we are born men and women, but this fact is transformed into masculine and feminine by culture. Culture has taken over all our facts and transformed them into social interpretation. We can only be understood by ourselves after the transformation simply because we are concerned with such things, unlike a beaver who probably isn't concerned with his beaverness.

Naked is the juxtaposition of the fact of human and the facticity (or interpretation) of human. Although we use our facticity as our reference for self-referal and understanding we can never really be defined by it because we are misinterpreting facticity as our essential nature, (the mistake made by those citing our animal nature.) This misrepresentation is, so to speak, necessary because is grounds us in the world as an object with properties. It is unsettling to think we are without nature or meaning and everything about us is an interpretation. Again, naked brings us face to face with this strange characteristic of our existence.

11-22-2009, 04:29 PM
Interesting discussion. While I am registered as Lightwisps, that is what we call our photography arena.

We also are the owners of a quite successful art gallery just outside of Ottawa, Ontario. We have found that our nude photography sell quite well. While we have both B/W and ilfochcromes we find that the B/W sell better about 3 to 1.

I think that the female body is a really beautiful part of nature and I enjoy celebrating it. I also have to say that I have seen some male nudes that are incredible.

Anyone that wishes are welcome to email me at either Lightwisps or 3 Yellowtulips. We can be "Googled" under either name. I really enjoy discussing both photography and other art forms.

Be well