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12-12-2008, 07:53 PM
I went into one of the big stores here in Rochester, walking distance from where the film is made by Kodak, and there were only 4 rolls of film on display. There were 4 rolls of Kodak 400 speed B&W, I forget which one there and nothing else. They said that it was moving so poorly that the only got it special order.

Oh well.


I am surprised they had any. Those who shoot black and white are probably only getting their film from specialized shops.

If Kodak still made 320T, 160T, Portra 100T, Pan-X, and Ultra and Portra Endura, then I would have something unique to purchase from them. As it stands, they have only three products for which I will pay: Tri-X in 220 format (which Ilford does not have), 400-speed color sheet film (which Fuji does not have), and Supra Endura paper (which I know and love, although it is not a unique paper like Ultra or Portra). I like Kodak fine, but find it easier to continue to use Ilford. Also, while I would prefer if Ilford were a U.S. company, I want to give them my monetary support. If Kodak went under or ceased analog production tomorrow, I don't think anybody would be left all that high and dry. I certainly would not shed any tears. Both Ilford and Kodak are skeletons of their former selves, sadly. I wish one of the two would just die so that everyone would have to go to the other. I would be more prone to use all Kodak if they at least had kept the black and white darkroom stuff available. All those great varieties of papers just shitcanned...ugh.

Phillip P. Dimor
12-12-2008, 08:32 PM
Sweet! That would be the closest photo shop around for me. I'm not picky, I do like Kodak Tri-X the most but HP5 works for me. I'd buy Pan F but that's just me.

I think that having a fairly good supply of darkroom chemicals is good.
Non-Ilford and Kodak stuff that I could easily see myself buying would be;
Ethol LPD paper developer, Rodinal film developer..
Also Photographer's Formulary kits are nice (Van Dyke Brown/Kallitype/Platinum) too.

Negative sleeves, hanging bars.. I seem to buy sleeves and bars every couple of months. You can never have too many!

12-12-2008, 08:54 PM
Jody: Please inform your black and white photographers about the two great analog black and white workshops being given in Daytona Beach at The Southeastern Center for Photographic Studies. Let's take this off the thread. If you are interested, email me privately so that I can provide some of the details. There is a very active Norther Florida APUG group with whom you should make contact.


Michael W
12-12-2008, 08:58 PM
At this point it looks like a list may look something like:

Rollei R3 (35mm & 120)

Legacy Pro 100 & 400

We are getting Tri-x and Plus-x along with the Legacy above. I have no experience with this film, but we will see.

According to another thread on this forum the R3 is being discontinued. If I was a retailer I'm not sure I'd want to invest my funds in an emulsion that will get harder to stock.
Also it seems pretty certain that the Legacy Pro films are generic versions of Plus-X & Tri-X so perhaps you are double handling by stocking both. I would consider just stocking the Legacy films as they will be cheaper & more likely to appeal to the student clientele. As long as you explain what they are it shouldn't be a problem.

12-13-2008, 03:24 AM
Jody, at a recent Cummer event with Jay Shoots, another photographer mentioned Fototechnica carrying film. This is really good news. My only problem is your hours - except for a mad dash across the river at lunch time, my only spare time is Saturday. I've tried most of the films you've mentioned, but am trying to standardize on Ilford FP4 and the new Kodak T-Max 400. Good to hear you plan to carry some of the odd size formats.

12-13-2008, 04:26 AM
Rollei Retro 100/400 are just repackaged old stock of APX 100/400 and as APX is back in production and is cheaper, it doesn't make sense to offer Rollei.

12-13-2008, 05:19 AM
APX is not back in production.

12-13-2008, 09:41 AM
Good morning all,
It seems I missed a little last night so I will try to answer some things this morning.

Lee L, suggested that we stock some developers that do well with slow films such as Rodinal. I'm glad you brought that up because it made me do the research I should have already known. I was aware that it is a very loved developer and I know one person in our shop claims it to be the best all around developer to ever be made (his opinion). Being that we don't use it for our personal shop needs, I was unaware that it was still being produced. It is my understanding that the plant was sold in 2008 to a Connect Chemicals and I have not heard that they are going to continue production. I'm sure there are many threads on this site that I just missed and I will do the further research. That being said (and confessed) right now we are stocking Sprint chemicals and expansion into other developers will be one of those things that will come down the road. We need to get off the ground a little first.

Jovo, Bring it on, I'm always thrilled to met new film enthusiast. We are a very small company with only 7 employees (3 of which are the family members/owners). We seem to be the last of our kind and hope to continue to expand. We have been a lab for over 20 years and that was fine for a long time, but in this day and age we need to serve the whole gamut of the industry and by opening ourselves to retail supplies we hope to be doing just that. We may even get into specialty cameras down the line. Personally I would love to have one of those Fuji 667 (Voightlander Bessa III) sitting on my shelf and another on the shop shelves.

Phillip P. Dimor, We would love to see you and thanks for the input, Sleeves (print files) we have and hanging bars I will check into. Rodinal again, I'm getting the picture now.

Mahler_one, expect a PM and thank you for the info

goldie, I will have to do some more research on the R3 and the Legacy Pro. I know I read that Legacy Pro was developed in accordance with Kodak chemicals, but unaware of the emulsions being that of Tri-x $ Plus-x. Is that a confirmed statement?

doughowk, FP4 is in stock now and please call anytime 904.356.2503 the owners just about live there. They put in many hours on the weekends and though they are not open as normal, if they are there, they are happy to help even if it is just to sell a couple rolls of film. Saturday hours may happen down the road once the retail part takes off.

Thanks for all the input and I'm happy to hear what you guys have to say.


Michael W
12-13-2008, 08:26 PM
goldie, I will have to do some more research on the R3 and the Legacy Pro. I know I read that Legacy Pro was developed in accordance with Kodak chemicals, but unaware of the emulsions being that of Tri-x $ Plus-x. Is that a confirmed statement?
I need to clarify my original comment that was made more from memory rather than actually checking. I've just looked at the Freestyle site & the films I was thinking about are the Arista Premium emulsions which come in 100 & 400 ISO. The description goes <<Introducing Arista Premium, the new line of black and white films that takes that quality to an all-new level. Thanks to a new partnership with a major film manufacturer, Freestyle now offers two new films that are sure to find a place in every photo education program. Manufactured in the U.S.A.>>
So nothing is explicitly confirmed however people who have been using the films say they are very similar to Plus-X and Tri-X.

Obviously this is not the Legacy Pro range which I had mistakenly assumed it to be. Strangely, the Legacy films are not showing on the Freestyle site but they might be the Japan sourced ones which of course suggests they are Fuji Neopan.

re developers, as well as Rodinal you might consider stocking some Diafine which is a bit of a cult dev & likely to appeal to students. It's USA made so shouldn't be hard to get. With Rodinal, make sure you stock Rodinal and not Rodinal Special as they are completely different, different dev times etc.

12-14-2008, 04:12 AM
The former Afga photochemistries plant stopped offering their product range directly but due to their restructuring are seemingly only producing photochemistries on demand of certain wholesalers. Furthermore the brand name licencing issue seems to make things even more complicated; seemingly the same chemistry is on sale now under one of the Agfa brands (rhomb or circle) and new brand names.

12-14-2008, 05:39 AM
I find it interesting that Pan F is selling in Manitoba in the winter, whereas it isn't selling in Florida in the winter.


We don't really shoot with it, we just buy it to make us feel warmer :p

If you come here you'll see a bunch of us staring out the window just clutching a roll, muttering "Al Gore is full of **** ." :)