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You've made me very happy—I've read them all. I just wish that I could take some of those steam-engine Daguerreotypes!

I thought it was interesting to see that as far back as the 1860s camera format sizes went from 10x12, to 11x14, to 14x17—ULF sizes which are still in use today. I was a little surprised that the next larger size after 14x17 was not 16x20—apparently that format came in later.

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Carleton Watkins' mammoth camera used 18x22" plates. That was in the 1860s too. His album images were frequently cropped to 16x20". I will venture to guess that the images were cropped to eliminate imperfections and fingerprints at the plate edges.

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Wade D
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Cool site. Thanks for the link.

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Considering the cost of things at the time, photography wasn't cheap then either! A $5000 DSLR is cheaper.

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I love that site. I wouldn't mind having some of those old cameras.