View Full Version : International Postal Rates: Good (Surprise!) and Bad News

02-23-2009, 12:55 PM
I never thought I'd see prices go down for shipping, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that while the overall postal rates increased last month, a new category for international shipments was created that essentially cut the fees I was paying to ship overseas by 50% for most of my products.

The new category is the PRIORITY MAIL SMALL FLAT RATE BOX, a post-office supplied box with dimensions of 1.5" x 5" x 8.5" with 4lb. weight limit and postage fees of $12.95.

To my good fortune, this box is large enough to accommodate all of my BLACKJACKET™ focusing cloths, both HYBRID and ORIGINAL, up to the 5x7 size (46" neck).

As a result, I was able to drop my international shipping rates accordingly, saving customers at least $11 per order in postage.

The down side to the new postal rates, is that the shipping fees for the larger cloths (56", 76", 84", 105" necks) increased from $25 to $29.

02-23-2009, 05:45 PM
Your location is concealed, but it sounds as if you are talking about USA postal rates.

02-23-2009, 07:02 PM
You are correct Charles. These new rates are US Priority Mail shipments originating within the US headed for international destinations. QuietWorks LLC, manufacturer of the BLACKJACKET™ is in Idaho, USA.

A couple years ago, Priority International rates doubled for the "variable weight" packages I used to ship product, from roughly $12.95 to $24.95.

Now, since my product can fit in these new, small, standarized Priority Mail cardboard parcels, I can reduce my rates by at least $11--a savings of 12.5% off the total bill.