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04-02-2009, 08:00 AM
Sorry for any duplication/ccross-post between this, the repair forum and photo.net classic cameras - but I was wondering if there were any Kodak Panoram No.1 owners who had taken their Panoram No.1s apart and renovated/fixed them...Can any of you help me??

Ive included numbers from the 693583 patent to try and help explain what I'm asking. if you want to see (and print out) the patent for the Panoram mechanism which has some real nice drawings of all the parts, just go to http://patft.uspto.gov On the left side of the opening page there is a link that says "View Patent Full-Page Images" click on it and it will take you another page that has a box filled with 8 zeros at upper left and a button labeled "View Patent". Type 00693583 and look at the first two pages of diagrams.

I have a Panoram No.1 that swings the lens ok, but the shutter release(49) and shutter arm (48) is not engaging and holding the swinging arm(45), so basically as soon as the tension in the swing mechanism is enough to get past the light baffle between the rear of the lens and the film box, it swings. The patent doesn't give any clues how the shutter arm 48 (deep breath....the end of which slots into a hole 47 in the swinging arm 45 and stops it from swinging until shutter button 49 is depressed, pushing shutter arm 48 down, out of hole 47 and letting lens 45 arm swing ) is tensioned up to hold into the swinging arm hole 47. Is it just the flexibility of the metal shutter arm itself? I can move the shutter arm up and down but it never seems to home/locate into any hole in the swing arm of the lens (without taking the camera apart I can't actually see 45 where 47 is located - its all very dark in there!) The only thing I have noticed is that the shutter button 49 isn't held in the shutter arm and therefore the shutter arm has moved a few millimeters towards the the lens pivot. Could this stop it engaging in the hole in the swing arm. If i loosen the screw holding the shutter arm can I slide the arm (48) back afew milimeters to this fix the problem (or is the screw held in ahole with no give/leeway)

I can move the shutter arm 48 up and down so that it is either tight against the plate 31 or down a few millimeters (up is a little worrying as I would have thought it could only go up when the swing arm hole was in the correct place and the end of the arm could engage in the hole 47. Could it be the swing arm is too high for the shutter arm to engage, if so is it easy to adjust the height of the swing arm, and if so, how? If I could tighten whatever holds the swing arm (45) so that it holds it tight against the plate (31) then that might then allow the shutter arm to engage in the hole 47 - but i can't see how I would tighten the few millimeters give in at the moment. Otherwise could it be possible that the shutter arm 48 has got out of line with the line of the holes 47 (shown as line between 10 and 10 on Fig 4). I can't see how this could happen given the arm 48 is held by two screws) and the swing arm (45) is held on the pivot 41.

So far I haven't had to take apart the camera, and am hoping i can make these adjustments that will correct the problem without major camera surgery, just keyhole fidling and adjustment. If I can't is it easy to take apart a few panels of the camera to access the top of the swing mechanism (as shown in figs 3 and 4) and if so which parts have you successfully taken apart and put together again?

Any help would be very gratefully recieved!.

Ive included numbers from the 693583 patent to try and help explain what I'm asking. The other Panoram patent for those that wish to see it is or 00689159 BTW If any Panoram owners are thinking that if they remove the brilliant view finder that will leave a small hole in the top case to access the top of the mechanism - don't - after removing four stubborn screws, two view finder lens, and two tiny shims holding the mirror in place, I found that the mirror is sitting on wood, and the whole view finder is built into the body of the camera walls, not just held above a hole in the outer casing....oh well - at least I got to clean the mirror and lenses of the view finder.

08-09-2009, 11:06 PM
There is a cross pin on the yoke and it is probably missing,remove the mechanical plate through the front or just the yoke if you want,drive out the broken pin and replace it with one made from brass rod . You can see the pin in the patent drawing but it gets lost in the lines of the drawing....Email me if you have questions Jarg1@gwi.net,I also have material for the horn and supple leather for the bag bellows....Regards John Richardson jargo

08-09-2009, 11:12 PM
I think its part # 33

08-09-2009, 11:23 PM
check page two, figure 5 item 33, pin

John Shriver
03-09-2012, 03:34 PM
There is a spring under the heel of arm 48. Remove the hinged panel for the bottom film spool anchor. Put a screwdriver through the hole exposed to remove the pivot screw. Cut about a 1/4" length of "ball point pen" spring, and put it in the recess at the end of arm 48. Reassemble.

This was the same problem I had with mine.