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Donald Miller
01-15-2004, 10:56 PM
Borrowing a page from Per Voquartz's play book.

I have thought that the idea of a free workshop is a wonderful thing. A place and time for those who enjoy photography to gather and share there experience, to photograph, and to enjoy the fellowship of other photographers. The problem has been, for me, that Per's workshops have all been located on the west coast.

What are your thoughts about having a free workshop this next spring, summer, or fall? This would be for those of us that live in the midwest, south central and north central as well as anyone else that would like to attend.

Having just returned from the Great Sand Dunes Natl. Monument in Southern Colorado, I could think of no better place to have a free workshop.

To give a little information about this site for those have not experienced them. The Great Sand Dunes are the largest body of dunes in the United States. They comprise an area of 39 sq miles, they rise to a height of 790 feet, and they lie at the end of an arid valley that abuts 13000 foot mountain peaks. The mountain range is the Sangre De Cristo and it runs for a number of miles north to south. There are several 14,000 foot peaks in the general vicinity. The Sand Dunes are located approximately 25 miles northeast of Alamosa, Colorado. Motel rooms are available in Alamosa and the Sand Dunes have a couple of campgrounds for those desiring to camp. The entrance fee and campground fees are reasonable.

I am not sure, but I think that Per's workshops are focused on the large format photographer. I see no need to exclude anyone, no matter their level of competance or length of experience. For obvious reasons I think that it would be limited only to film based photography.

At this point this is in a very peliminary stage of planning. I would appreciate your thoughts and a vote at the poll in order that I may determine whether to proceed on this matter.

If interest is sufficient then I will conduct another poll to ascertain best times for this to occur.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jim Chinn
01-16-2004, 12:29 AM
Being born and bred on the Great Plains it sounds good to me. I would make every effort to attend barring any unforseen circumstances. it might make sense pick a time late spring or early summer to let people plan. I will let you to pick a location, as I'm sure where ever it is it will be fun.

Alex Hawley
01-16-2004, 08:37 AM
Sounds good to me Don. Alamosa is a heck of a lot closer than anything in California.

Dave Mueller
01-16-2004, 08:59 AM
Works for me, Denver is a single flight from Pittsburgh, and usually cheap.

01-16-2004, 07:41 PM
Don, know of the place been all around it, but never made it there. From what I hear a great place to have workshop. Demending upon work schedule sure..plan a trip out to SF area each Oct as time permits anyhow. FYI another place you might enjoy is north of Las Vegas, NM - Fort Union NM..not sure how far it is from you..then somewhere in the OK panhandle are some smaller dunes....

Alex Hawley
01-16-2004, 08:32 PM
- then somewhere in the OK panhandle are some smaller dunes....

Mike, are you thinking of the Little Sahara? If so, its in central OK. Its a state park and full to the brim with dune buggies, dirt bikes, and 4-wheelers. In fact, that's what the park is promoted for and its only 30-some acres.

Not to say there's another such place in the Panhandle though.

01-16-2004, 09:26 PM
Alex, really not sure where they are or the name..just remember seeing something about them and being surprised. Do know they were not as big as the ones here in TX (Monahans). Sounds like the Little Sahara may have same problem with off road that Mescalero Sands, NM does.

Lex Jenkins
01-17-2004, 11:20 PM
If I knew I could get some time off this year I'd definitely be interested, but I doubt I'll have more than a single free day at a time this year.

ken s
01-18-2004, 01:02 PM
I would like to meet people in Colorado for workshops and photo discusions. Living in Louisville, just outside Denver, I could make it almost anywhere in the region easily. The Pawnee Grasslands would be a great area to shoot in also. Ken