View Full Version : instructions on how to replace old folder bellows

06-18-2009, 12:09 PM
A few questions:Does there exist a comprehensive volume of instructions on how to replace the bellows on old folding cameras specifically old Kodak Folders especially the Monitor 616?,Is there a source of those small rivets and the tool to set them for old folding cameras and finally what is shutter grease and where can I find it or is there a practical substitute available?



John Koehrer
06-19-2009, 01:26 PM
Shutter grease, 50 ft of flight line & a bucket of prop wash have one thing in common. They don't exist.
The only points in a shutter that get grease are a couple of latch points. The blade operating ring, housing & blades should be dry. A LIGHT(not 3in1) oil is used for pivot points and escapement lube. It should flow like water & is used a drop at a time. I use the eye of a sewing needle for application. Dip into the oil & just touch the pivot.
There are several articles around for bellows making, I think I've seen some here.
The rivets you're looking for MAY be available from McMaster-Carr or possibly Microtools.com> Microtools is probably the best source for small tools needed for camera repair.
Tomosy's book "Restoring & Repairing Classic Cameras" Is an excellent source of information if you're just starting in this hobby(?).