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06-06-2010, 08:50 AM
One of the things I do well is images of my grandchildren. What I attempt to achive is an image which has me, as photographer and grandparent, connecting with my subject and capturing a moment that expresses what is in my opinion the essence of some aspect of this child. My goal is to create images which my subjects can view many years after I have passed which say to them, among other things, that "I had a happy childhood," ""I was loved," or "I had a special relationship with my grandfather." Don't interpret this as my saying I have a huge collection of images of children growing up with smiles on their faces, as few of my images capture those moments, but rather the images reflect the "real" moments of being a child and, I say, reflect the relationship between the photographer and his subject.

My images are ones that only a parent or grandparent can created because of the relationship they have with the child and their access to the child. My formula is simple. Love you child where they are, keep a camera handy and see how many times you can release the shutter. Bill Barber