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09-14-2009, 07:07 AM
Wicklow Jail
Photoshoot Event

On The 20th September : Photographer Peter Evers will be shooting a short film at the Jail. To promote activity and interest in this
incredible facility. Members of the general public are
invited to dress up and star in the production.

The film will consist of still images with narration.

We are looking for people of all ages to participate.
Everyone is welcome from acting troupes, teams, historical societies to the just plain curious.

You will get to experience being on a set, and you'll get to travel back in time and get a real feeling for life in the cells in the early eighteenth century.
You may even see a ghost or two!!

Call time is 9:30 at the Gaol, Sunday 20th September.

Dress code for volunteer actors:
A crew of hair and make up professionals will be on hand to ‘mucky up’
our volunteers.
No ‘Prisoner’ should have jewellery or make-up
Gentleman - Grandfather shirts, baggy trousers and workboots
Ladies - Sackcloth Dresses, shawls, work dresses, and aprons.
Our production is set in the early 18th century

The film will showcase a day in the life of a cell during the early
18th Century. During this period up to one hundred people were
incarcerated in a cell. Fed once every four days, with no sanitation.
Everybody was incarcerated together: both sexes,
those awaiting trial, convicted murderers, rapists, the insane, children
and even new born babies.

For clarification of this information you can log on to wicklowjail.com
or call 0404 61599

When the film is finished you will be
able to watch it online at wicklowjail.com

We are also Shooting a series of lookalike portraits (of infamous prisoners) for installation at the Gaol.

09-15-2009, 04:18 AM
Good luck Peter, sounds like a great project.

09-15-2009, 06:20 AM
Thanks Pete & congrats