View Full Version : Problems w/Pola 600se and Fuji 3000B. Help pls.

11-18-2009, 12:42 PM
So I've used this film in other backs no problems.

Now, with my first run, I'm having quite a bit of problems.
When I pull the first BLACK tab it breaks off and no white tab.

Then I open up the back, of course exposing the first picture, to notice that TAB number 1 is in the back whereas I thought it would be in the front where the exposure window is????

I'm really confused as I did try pulling out the back tab, I'm assuming it's tab 10 and it's a beast to pull on.

Any help please????
Thank you.

11-18-2009, 01:02 PM
I am not sure about polaroid 600 se, haven't used one. But as you know, the first thing you pull is just a paper darkslide, and you do have to pull it quite hard. If it is breaking then it must be hung up on something or the pack must be incorrectly seated. After pulling it out, if you've loaded the pack correctly (not backwards!), then a smaller white tab will appear, starting at 1. So it sounds to me like the pack isn't seated properly. Have you used this camera before? Does it have any history of modification or repair?

There is one thing to watch out for, when you put the pack in you have to be sure that the paper tabs aren't folded under. I have had that issue. But if you got it to work before in other backs....

11-18-2009, 01:09 PM
keith, thank you for your help.

Just as a sanity check and something that is confusing to me is that a) I don't see how you could put the film pack in backwards, I mean the Pack's hard plastic casing is directed towards the back NOT the open film exposure window....
Also, heres where it is confusing to me, Number one tab is on the back of the pack, NOT facing the open exposure window. This is really causing me confusion.
This is brand new to me. The film holder looks fine, it is the correct one for the 600se.
Thanks so much.