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02-26-2010, 05:36 PM
Good rant ;)

I get the impression that we have it relatively good down here in Wellington, particularly with WPS. you can have a good long chat with most of them there about 6x12, 4x5, folders, etc. They're pretty well stocked with film, at least in 35mm & 120.

Well, apart from my last roll (220) of Astia souped at Imagelab costing NZ$22.00 to get processed :o

I do like WPS, but their prices! $16.90 for a 120 400NC! I can order 10 rolls from B&H, and include the minimum $60usd (!$!$!) shipping rate, and it's the same price as ordering 10 rolls from WPS. It's all economics, but it's just so depressing when you only want/can afford 3 rolls.

I also had a laugh at the "grumpy guy" at Image Lab comment. Pretty sure I know who he is. He really does the place a disservice. There's normally an absolutely lovely lady working the front desk who's a joy to deal with and always smiling. I'm pretty down on them, because my last 4 sheets of C-41 4x5's ended up cross processed, even though they were clearly marked :(