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Tom Kershaw
06-07-2004, 01:24 PM
I am considering getting a Macro lens for my Bronica SQ-B. Does anyone know how the older 110mm f.4 PS lens compares to the newer 110mm f.4.5 PS lens? I've searched around on google and photo.net but not come up with much useful information. I know the newer lens has a magnification ratio of 1:1 but I don't know about the older model.


Tom Kershaw

07-19-2007, 03:54 PM
I believe the older lens stops at 4:1. It takes 67mm filters, same as the 65mm and 80mm, which the newer does not (72mm). So far I haven't pried loose the cash for either, so I can't discuss results. The 1:1 is pretty $$$$.


Tom Kershaw
07-19-2007, 04:20 PM
I didn't expect to see a reply from a message I posted three years ago...

Thanks for the note. I haven't yet bought a 1:1 macro for the Bronica although I may do in the future.


07-19-2007, 07:18 PM
I didn't expect to see a reply from a message I posted three years ago...Hmmm! As best I remember, it showed up in new messages this afternoon, don't know why else I would have seen it. Oh well, maybe the homeland security wiretappers are setting bits ...

I've resolved not to buy any more lenses until I get a body problem straightened out. I like the idea of being able to go to 1:1, but I also like the idea of being able to use the filters I already own on the f4 version. Given the roughly 2:1 price differential and infrequent occasions to go seriously into macro, I'll probably go with the older one if/when I get around to it.

DaveT, back into a time warp

07-20-2007, 10:17 AM
I just checked Keh at http://www.keh.com They are selling an Ex+ PS 110
f4.5 (1:1) for $665. They are also offering a PS 110 f4 macro Ex+ for $349, which is a 1:4. The f4 lens is my normal lens.

Good luck.

Shawn Dougherty
09-04-2008, 08:32 PM
I just ordered a PS 110 f4.5 macro. I'll let post when I've got a little experience with it.... Shawn

11-25-2010, 06:26 AM
...message to Shawn...I'm considering the same lens...what did learn with yours?...

Tom Kershaw
11-25-2010, 06:42 AM
I'm not Shawn, but the PS 110mm f/4.5 1:1 lens is very effective, sharp, and with good colour rendition. The f/4 PS macro is not 1:1.


11-25-2010, 08:08 AM
Hello Tom...thanks for replying...I am aware that the f/4 is 1:4 (price is the consideration vs the f/4.5), but I must admit that I don't know how 1:1 or 1:4 translates from subject to image on my film...I do understand ratios, but if I'm photographing a pack of cigarettes on table, what does 1:4 mean?...can you help me with this?...and how does a macro lens treat depth of field (imagine five packs of cigarettes in a pile and needing to focus only on the top pack, and then focused on all the packs)...as an aside, I have tried a close-up filter, but the DOF is not satisfactory...and ps, I've Googled for this information, but I remain confused by overly technical explanations...

Tom Kershaw
11-25-2010, 09:51 AM

In practical terms 1:1 translates to your example in that the pack of cigarettes can be reproduced on the film at life-size. In terms of depth of field for table top work; complex photographic problems may be better solved with a view camera that can be used to manipulate depth-of-field extensively via movements.


11-25-2010, 10:56 AM
Heh, the inter-galactic thread returns for another appearance. Some time after my 2007 post(!), I clicked my ePrey Bronica search bookmark just before shutting down the computer for the night. Behold - an f4.5 1:1 for $295, buy it now. It looked to be in excellent shape, so what the hey, "CLICK." I admit I haven't done a whole lot with it, but I was thoroughly impressed with it. It's a serious handful of metal and glass, slightly over two pounds (923 g).


I actually have a project in mind that would give it a workout, but I need some early spring lighting at my intended location. In general the Bronica lenses (and probably most similar beasties) don't focus down very close, so it's nice to have one you can just keep cranking in.