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03-26-2010, 12:17 AM
After more than 35 years of collecting photographica, I’ve decided to sell some things. Below are several items from my camera related collection. Everything is sold as-is. If you have any questions please ask. The prices listed include USPS priority mail within the continental US.
If interested, PM Photographica.
Thanks for looking -- Bill Riley

Thornes Excelda Phonograph -- $265
c 1940 Mechanical, hand-cranked phonograph -- Color: Blue
Plays 78 RMP records. The sound arm and crank stow inside case which, when closed looks like a Folding Pocket Camera. It has a precision clock movement for the turntable that is a weighted fly wheel design providing precision smooth rotation. Very popular with photographica collectors. The all metal body is painted with a crinkle finish simulating leatherette adding to its folding camera appearance. This model came in other colors; black, green, and brown. Fully functional and in very good condition. The leather handle is present but is broken on one end under the screw.

Stereo Classics Holmes Stereo Viewer -- $50
c1978 Reproduction of the Holmes Stereoscope (c1859) on stand with two books. Originally came with a booklet titled "The story of the Stereoscope" and a set of 62 views. The wooden stand was optional. Very good condition with some blemishes -- functional and no missing parts.

Handheld Stereo viewer -- $140
Birdseye maple stereoscope. Beautiful example of craftsmanship in this unlabeled viewer. Marked with "Pat Oct 15 95". The entire viewer including slide and cross-bar is constructed of pattern maple. Excellent condition -- ware on felt eye rim material.

Tom Thumb Camera / Radio -- $288
Automatic Radio Company combination camera and radio. c1948 Automatic Radio Co of Boston. 4-tube battery powered radio. Requires two D Cells and one B-cell (Eveready #467) 67.5 volts. Wood body with leatherette covering. I don't know if the radio works but all four tubes are intact and radio components look good physically. The Bakelite camera body is in very good condition with no chips or obvious cracks. There are two 127 take up spools included. All straps in excellent condition. Other than moderate ware and age, this example appears nice - overall condition is very good.

Five Miniature Hoffman Distilling Co. Decanters. -- $70 (for all five – I don’t want to break up group)
Set of five Mr. Lucky series decanters. All about 6" tall:
1. Mr. Photographer working with camera on tripod and squirrel holding sign that says "Smile" 1980 - condition very good.
2. Mr. Farmer grooming a sitting pig. 1980 - condition very good
3. Shoe Cobbler Gnome sitting repairing a shoe with hammer. 1975 - condition very good
4. Mr. Sandman Gnome with bag marked "Sandman". 1975 - Broken hat … condition fair.
5. Lady Gnome hiking up skirt and obviously dancing 1975 - small chip in hat … condition good
All are empty with broken seals.

Two Brownie Tobacco Tins -- $37 each
c1979 replica of a tobacco tin originating around 1912. Made by Bristo Ware a division of Chein Industries, Burlington , NY. "This Brownie tin comes in different designs” The Brownie was created by Palmer Cox in the late 1890s. Kodak adapted the Brownie name for one of its most popular line of cameras. Great lithograph on tin.
"The Singer". Condition is very good with a small dent in the top of the singer's head.
"The Businessman". Condition is very good with a small dent in the top of the man's head.

Asanuma Clock -- $78
Manufactured by Copal LTD. 120 Volt digital (number flap) clock movement. Clock and light are functional. This is a miniature (~ 12 inches) replica of the Asanuma studio camera.
Condition is good with two issues of note:
The lens is loose and its element is inside the unit behind it. This is easily repairable with a bit of glue and patience. Also, there is a crack in the plastic case just below the digital display -- cosmetic issue only.

03-26-2010, 12:30 AM
More photos of the Thornes Phonograph.
Also note: the record in the pictures is for illustration and not included.

Bill Riley

03-26-2010, 12:38 AM
Here are more pictures of the Mr. Lucky decanters.

I have more pictures of these and the other items for sale -- PM me if you want to see more.

Thank you again for looking,
Bill Riley