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mike c
08-26-2010, 08:25 PM
There is at lest one mystery post card ever round,wouldn't be any fun if there were none.

08-28-2010, 02:48 AM
I got Tim Gray's Sutton dam today ! Again an IR shot, this is a festival ! The mix of straight lines and natural ones is a delight, thanks Tim !

08-28-2010, 05:24 AM
I have 4 more receipts since the last time I posted:

KWhitmore - Sculpture in Quebec (& thanks for the nice comment on my card)
Blackdog - Early light
Lori - Snow (is that Bozeman?)
Stephen Frizza - Masonic Window.


Stephen Frizza
08-28-2010, 09:19 AM
OK this is going to be a rather large post, I want to thank everyone for the post cards I have received so far! it is so nice to receive something in the post that isn't a bill. It is also nice to see in hand traditional photographs that you have all made. Here is what i have to say about the cards I have received so far. i will keep each comment short and sweet because I chose to send the max. therefore I have a lot of cards coming back to me hehehe.

OXLEYROAD - your son is a handsome your man. This image reminds me of my youth fishing with my dad. The Image you have made is beautifully lit and the printing is top notch.

JACCO DE KRAKER - Your composition is awesome. This location is beautiful and I think the use of IR is perfectly suited. The agfa paper is amazing. I wish i had some to print on :-) your printing is wonderful, I think the border is a good width.

DJHOPSCOTCH - WOW when I saw this I thought I had an Ansel Adams print!!!...Then I thought oh no silly me its an Uncle Earl.... Then I discovered it was a DJHOPSCOTCH!!! This Image IS AMAZING!!!! your execution in camera skills and lab working is second to none!

GORDROB - If you went to the location on your post card for a holiday I feel jealous, though reading its in canada and that you are in canada if this is a local place for you.... Lets swap where we live!
your image is nicely composed and the printing is lovely. Postcards like your make me realise I need ot get out of the darkroom and travel!

SLUMRY - Whos teeth are these? when i hold the post card in my fingers i feel ikky because those teeth have so much detail ouchie. I like your card a lot its nice to receive something left of field.

RTMoynihan - Cool Card did our postcards get sent from this very box?

HWV - Your image was like a puzzle to me when I looked at it I was like what way is up? its a great exploration into the abstract.

JOHNNYWALKER - Your print has a really great black to it. this is the first time I have seen Kentmere Fineprint paper before and you have made me want to start printing onto it! I think it was a great choice for the post card exchange.

CRISPIN - The grain from the minox is lovely, not too large but large enough to add to the picture. I like the soft borders. I am curious where all these period costumed people come from! I dont think we have events like this in australia.

FLEATH - nice night photography, who is Chantal? The picture makes me conjur up stories about the lone woman whos on her way home from a big night out with the girls and has sore feet and is tired.
There is an air of vulnerability with her being by herself. eeek perhaps that says more about my perceptions than the image itself. I think your exposure is spot on. The photo has a great feel and nicely printed.

ALLEN FRIDAY - WOW what a river, the light in this image is great. and your exposure / printing combination has preserved all the detail! I so hope to venture to these lands one day. Thanks for the card..Oh and the postage stamp on it is also WOW.

MOOSEONTHELOOSE - Your card is happy cheeky cheerful. I like how you have composed the image area on the card also like Allens above I love the stamp on this postcard.

LABCOAT - what a cute fleeting moment. those ducks are in the perfect position for that image. well seen , well shot and well printed. That kentmere paper is very nice.

ANIKIN - YAY!!! Im not the only one who sent out colour postcards! those chess pieces are so quirky! receiving this card made me chuckle. Nice printing too, what is the backing board? I lvoe how you have done your cards.

MIKE C - This image reminds me of my youth and where i grew up (a small coastal town on the central coast of N.S.W Australia) of an evening people would decend to the oceans edge just like these people. Oh how I wish i could return to those times. Thankyou for taking me there. your image is wonderful.

BLACK DOG - Lovely card, where is this wall and why is it there? like the post card by Mooseontheloose I like how you have composed the image area on the paper. This is a nice card.

DAVE MARTINY - did this man know he was being photographed? his pose is brilliant, looks worn out.
nice composition. Lovely printing.

HOFFY - YAY a fellow Aussies post card!! Nice shot I like how the light is spilling over the rocks in the creek bed.

SAGE - is this your porch? I love the timber finishing. the seat under cover and the vine growing up the pillar. I wish i lived somewhere like this. It looks like somewhere everyone wants to call Home.

JACCO DE KRAKER - I am so lucky to have gotten 2 cards from you. The second card of pond lillies is as perfect as your IR landscape. I really appreciate you sending me both cards. Your shooting and printing is brilliant.

PETE H - What a lovely location, i love the ocean this place like the location shot by Mike C reminds me of places from my youth. Thank you for sending me this card and taking me somewhere with it.

LIKEMARLONBRANDO - YES! I do want to ride! the man in your photograph looks a character. I want to go for a horse and carriage ride in new york!

LORIRFROMMONTANA - your postcard looks cold! does does that creek freeze over? I know it might seem a silly question, but the closest ive ever come to snow is the frost in my freezer. Nice photo.
do you live in these parts?

MATT KING - I can see why your wife thinks it should be called 'Drop Earing'. Who makes classic pan 200 film? this photo makes me imagine one of my favorite sounds. masts clinking. I love their reflections in the water.

well thats my thoughts and thanks for the post cards I have received so far. As more come I shall post more thanks and thoughts.


08-28-2010, 09:49 AM
I received yesterday :

LikeMarlonBrando's "You wanna ride ?". This is the card that made it to Australia via "Piggy back" and then was sent to me by Mick Fagan !!! Thanks to both of you.

Thanks !

Wow That is amazing, They got stuck together somehow?

mike c
08-28-2010, 02:57 PM
Thanks for the complement Stephen.

08-28-2010, 03:24 PM
Hi Steve, glad you liked it.

"Classic Pan" was a house brand of the late and some might say lamented J & C Photo. The 120 size ISO 200 film was, if I recall correctly, manufactured by Forte (or was it Foma - I can never keep it straight). It was very reasonable in cost - I think I bought 60 rolls for $60.00, US shipping included, during one of J & C's last sales before they imploded.

It curls more than any other film I've ever handled:outlaw:

Because of the curl, I've always used it for testing or similar purposes. That particular shot was on a roll I shot while testing out a new to me 645 back for my RB67.

08-29-2010, 03:30 PM
I have received one more last week:
black dog: Early light, low key, only hints of streaming sunlight, I like it

08-30-2010, 05:06 PM
Received two more cards last week:
lorrifrommontana Water, snow, sun shining down on the scene; nice view.
Tim Gray, Sutton Dam. Beautiful IR shot. Big man-made structures, grass, trees, amazing sky and water. Works very well as an IR shot. I also like the dark borders, ir really fits the mood of the photo. Despite having fun with several other IR films, I'm starting to feel sorry I've never tried HIE. Great print.

Stephen, thanks for your comments about my cards. It means a lot to me. Haven't been getting much comments on my photoblog lately, haven't gotten much comments from friends when I show them recent work; it's the comments from my fellow analog photographers that really keep me going. (And frankly, it's comments from fellow APUGers that matter most to me.)

mike c
08-30-2010, 05:40 PM
Received Stephens post card today,what a beautiful stained glass window, color is "spot on". I think that's what the Aussies say when they mean "Right on ",which only proves it was hand printed.Great work on a beautiful print.

08-30-2010, 10:54 PM
Sorry it has been a while since I last posted, but as I got a burst of cards arrive nothing like the present to get out a reminder for myself, as I am still trying to catch up with everyones comments since then. I have rec'd 8 since my post when I had rec'd 4.

Rec'd from;
Mick Fagan: 'Nancy'
Fleath: 'Chantal at the tram stop'
BoxBrownie: 'The Heart & Hand Pub'
Drpsilver: 'Tafoni, Cambria'

Slumry: 'Unwise #7, a self portrait'
Allen Friday: 'Grand Canyon'
Laurent: 'Deck and grass covered in ice crystals'
Markrewald: 'Dever Civic Centre Park'
Kwhitmore: 'Old Friends'
Black Dog: 'An Informal Moment'
Stephen Frizza: 'Masonic Window Sydney City'
lorifrommontana: 'Near Bozeman'

Will sit down before Sunday and comment on all and review the comments made on my son. For those who asked he did not catch anything :(.

08-31-2010, 01:52 AM
Hey, I just opened up the signup for round 21 of the postcard exchange: Click! (http://www.apug.org/forums/forum179/81228-postcard-exchange-round-21-signup.html)


08-31-2010, 06:31 AM
Well, it's officially the last day of the exchange (at least here in Japan) and I was very happy to see an infrared image finally appear in my mailbox. I was beginning to despair as it seemed that all the infrared cards were being sent by people not on my list. Serves me right for not sending an IR card this round! ;)

Anyway, thanks to Tim Gray for his HIE shot of Sutton Dam. I think the clouds and the sidewalk make a nice mirror image of each other and I like the way the highlights within the image just pop. I love HIE too and don't know what I'll do once I'm finished my final rolls.

08-31-2010, 02:02 PM
I have received a few more cards since my last comment:

Allen Friday, what a picturesque view of the Grand Canyon. I've seen it twice, but only from the top. When you look at it from the rim, it's just too big to comprehend - like a wallpaper, no feeling of scale whatsoever. Your card just made it alive! You made me want to go back again and this time I will hike down to the river! It looks so beautiful!

Crispin, that's really a blast from the past. You've skillfully matched qualities of Minox and the subject. Without the grain the picture just would not be the same.

lorifrommontana, thank you for your personal message on the postcard. I'd say, try color. It's not as hard as they make it sound. The only difficulty is knowing when to stop trying to improve the print. It might be hard for a perfectionist. Anyway, I love your postcard of snowbanks. I'm from Siberia originally, and living in Oregon, I just miss snow too much. Your picture brings back memories of the spring.

BlackDog "early light". Now, that's real philosophy. I think there are two kinds of pictures. There is one kind that you take a quick glance and you know what's it is all about, and there is a second kind where you need to read a description and only then you can understand the story and intent of the author. Yours is the second kind. It's an abstract painting of photography. It shows the mood, the stillness and the lightness of the morning. Very beautiful and very different. Thank you!

Tim Gray The Sutton Dam. Wow, just perfect. I want to try IR one day. I'm just worried that I might get addicted. I swear, I've never seen a bad IR photo. Tell me, how hard is it to get exposure right? I'm really worried I'll just waste a lot of expensive film if I try IR.

08-31-2010, 02:53 PM
Got a bunch of awesome cards, the latest being an ilfochrome from steve, awesome work.

08-31-2010, 04:29 PM
Just wanted to thank everyone again for sending me cards. I feel bad I have not sent a batch out yet. We're in-between houses and the darkroom is currently out of action. When the time is right I plan to send out a truckload to make up for it :) I've also been covering an entire wall of my office with the cards..

Black Dog
09-01-2010, 07:58 AM
Hi Stephen and glad you liked it- IIRC I sent you Luss Hills 3 which I took in the Southern Scottish Highlands near Loch Lomond. I guess it was originally built to mark a boundary or keep sheep from straying-just loved the nystery of it really. Rachelle-sounds like an interesting trip and glad you made it back safely!

Stephen Frizza
09-01-2010, 09:39 PM
I just received 4 more post cards!!

TIM GRAY - WOW perfect use of HIE that dam is awesome. I too will miss this film when my stocks are gone.

KWHITEMORE - Those chairs look great, nicely composed and beautifully printed. Does this shop make nice milkshakes?

MARK REWALD - Great shot. The composition is strong and the lighting great. I like how you have printed this.

WAYNE FREDERICK - Cool story with your photograph the wooden remains remind me of bones.

09-01-2010, 10:48 PM
Stephen, I received your beautiful print twice! I'm not sure exactly how that happened, but I'm very happy to have some real ilfochrome prints in hand -- great subject, beautiful colours.

09-01-2010, 11:46 PM
I’ve previously commented on 17 cards received from other APUGers. Since then, cards from 3 more APUGers have come in:

lorifrommaontana - “Snow Scene near Bozeman” - I look at the card, and can feel the cold!
drpsilver - “... Falls” - a really nice waterfall scene printed really well. Somewhat mysteriously, the post office decided to beat this one up. It is scraped, and the top corner looks like someone decided to see how good it tastes. The card stands up well though to the mistreatment. I did, however, have to guess at the beginning of the title (it was on that part of the card that suffered from the “bite”). Thanks as well for the nice note
Stephen Frizza - "Masonic Window Sydney City" - Stephen (or is it Steven? :)), it has been a long time since I’ve had a chance to hold and admire an Ilfochrome up close. In fact, the last time, it was most likely called a Cibachrome. You picked an ideal subject for Ilfochrome, and printed it beautifully

20 down, 8 to go!

Thanks to everyone for participating.