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01-01-2011, 09:33 AM
Just a short note, signup for round 22 is now open: Click! (http://www.apug.org/forums/forum179/85569-postcard-exchange-round-22-signup.html)


Roger Thoms
01-02-2011, 08:32 PM
Hi All, my cards finally went out today. Sorry for the long delay, but as the say better late than never.


Alex Bishop-Thorpe
01-02-2011, 09:20 PM
I still haven't mailed out my cards, even though they've been sitting here on my desk addressed and filled out, staring me in the face, for the better part of two months - I will have to ask forgiveness once again, for the outright stupid reason I can't afford the postage right now. Now that is embarrassing...

I will fulfil my obligations as soon as I can, but in the mean time the least I can do is say a few words about all of the cards I've received. Time to sit down with my cup of tea and go through the stack that's been piling up next to my bed.

Jake (black dog) - "The old houses dream of the old days".
Lovely composition here, perfectly framed and printed. I dig the white space at the base of the card, it makes for a nice place to hold and look through the photo. The ripple-y light on the left, on the bottom half of the photo, is my favourite part. I have distinct memories of crawling around on the floor as a little'n looking up at these big windows in our livingroom, and these strange ripples light on the floor in front of me...
And I always like your quote on the back of your cards, I think the last one was Bob Dylan.

Mike (mike c) - Walt Disney Concert Hall.
The first time I saw this, the scale threw me entirely. I couldnt work out if it was something small and mechanical or massive and industrial. The wee figure in the foreground certainly helps. Was it shot at night, or is that just some really effective use of a red filter? The sepia warms it up gorgeously and helps it feel really inviting. The dash of light in the foreground is fantastic.

Antii (amiett) – Raappananlammi
I'm sorry the postal system apparently managed to peel off some of the emulsion of your lovely photograph, smack dab in the middle too...moving on though, it is a brilliant image. The gentle range of contrast works perfectly for this image, and the whole thing just feels delicate with a nip of the cold in the air. The mist sitting on the water to the right of the image sets the whole mood for me. Well done.

Andrew (oxleyroad) – Printed Circuit Board
Thank god I'm not the only one who used to think about flying through circuit boards...especially motherboards on the old computers I used to help my uncle pull apart and put together. You get that idea across perfectly, the shallow depth of field makes you feel like you're coming in to weave down between those two chips...
Also, bravo for the grain. I do love a good bit of grain, even if popular opinion does seem to go against it sometimes. Great photo.

Uwe (piu) – The city
I couldn't tell you why, but I get some pangs of Andre Kertesz from this photo. Lovely simple composition, and the small details like the letterbox beneath it and the truck off in the distance make it intriguing. Also, I really dig your embossed stamp of your name in the corner, what a nice touch.

Steve (BoxBrownie) – Abandoned Playground
I got into collecting old postcards at one stage, and I have a small stow of these little souvenir photos of the British seaside from about 1900-1940. But a lot of them are kind of uncomfortably haunting and deserted, with these eery clouds brewing up in the distance, sheer cliff faces, and all toned with a dash of sepia to these deep browns. Your card reminds of those old photos somehow, but more curious and inviting with the sun coming through on the ocean in the top right. Deserted but intriguing, well captured – and just a gorgeous warm tone.

Nanette (ozphoto) – Troy and Bubbles
I think yours was the very first postcard I received from this exchange, and it sat on my desk propped up against a tea tin for a few weeks. A brilliant photograph, of course, and the bubbles are just perfect. There's a lot to be said for small intimate prints like this too, and I really like it a lot. Just the right amount of gloss for the photo too.

Barry (bwakel) – Arkengarthdale
You guys always have the best names for little towns. I love those streaks of light along the road and the billowing clouds – the burning in on the sky really sets off the light on the road too, good choice. It speaks of travels.

Valerie – Purple Martin House
I just love this photo, I suspected a holga but a flipped lens hawkeye is even more ingenious. The borders are great too, nice and rough, and perfectly printed. I'm sorry Australia Post printed a barcode right over the top of it, but I still think it's perfectly executed. Well done, this is one of my favourites from this round.

Eugene (anikin) – The Blue
A perfect lucky shot! It's elegant and unreal. While I generally go for more muted colours, here it's just so vibrant that it works perfectly...the one in the bottom right is my favourite. You can be damn proud of this photo. And I really do appreciate the trouble of a hand printed colour photograph too. I like that touch of red on the bottom, in the margins, lets me know it's real...I remember fogging a whole 100 sheet box of paper along just one edge :rolleyes: hello test strips...

Crispin (crispinuk) – “Slices of Southsea”
Well this is just plain cool. I love how you've arranged the shots, and the gritty grain of the images works perfectly, for me. I like the small lines where each photograph overlaps the next and becomes a little indistinct. I'd love to see a whole wall of these – ingenious.

aron – “I forget what I wanted to say”
This is one of my favourites for this round, I've been looking at it a lot and it's one of the few postcards I've considered framing – but that would just feel silly. I love the motion in the foreground, and all the detail spread throughout the image. I like the glow of where the building meets the sky, and the sprocket holes at the edge of the print. I only just realised they were the sprocket holes from the 35mm roll, I though they were the upper and lower section of a train station, or something to that effect. Just a perfect print. You can be damn proud of it.

Matt King – “The shadow follows”
Another postcard damaged by the postal system, sorry about this – there's ripples of emulsion rubbed off right in the middle of your photo. I like the composition here, with the horizon line running into the trunk and the trees off in the distance, surrounding this lovely field. The sharp, rigid, textured form of the trunk goes really nicely with the indistinct shadow spread out along the ground, and I like the hard contrast of the sun hitting the trunk with the softness of the rest of the shot. Really nice.

(???) – “Angles”
I think, judging from the Norwegian stamp, that this is from Pete H, but we may yet see. It's a photograph of half adozen angle figures in a shop window, shot with a Leica M6 and a Noctilux.
It feels like a fairly contrasty scene, but it's held it well – I dig the shine and the subtle engraving on the figures, they jump out. A little bit of warmth in the paper seems to aid the cool metal. I like the window reflection in the top part of the shot too.

Heinz (hwv) – untitled (wall)
Just a perfect composition, everything is flawless to my eye. Wonderfully printed with a great deal of subtle detail, and the margins on the paper are perfect. I'm sorry I mention the margins, that must be akin to saying, “oh, well it has a lovely frame”, but I always look at them and attention to detail like that is worth commending. I don't usually like Ilford's gloss paper, but it works well for this image too. It's just a lovely image to feast over, it's got so much texture.

Chris (gurkenprinz) – “137 years of racing experience”
A perfect panning shot, and I love how you've printed it. It has that lovely air of “whoooosh” - such a smooth image. I like the the detail of the rivets you can see in the rear section of the car especially, and her cap.

(Laurent) – untitled (paint cans)
I like the lines of the shadows and the things scattered on the ground, and the paint dried on the side of the can on the left is strangely interesting. A lovely quiet photograph that feels like the start to a story.

Lori (lorirfrommontana) – Sunrise on the farm
I had no clue it was a sunrise until I read the back, but I like the fencing in the shadows in the foreground, and the light gathering on the side of the tree.

George (George Nova Scotia) – “Tracks in the snow”
Old postcard paper is lovely stuff, you forget that just about all the major companies manufactured their own versions of it at some point, and now we're just down to Ilford. I always thought Agfa's was especially cool, so good choice. I'm curious as to how you printed your text on the back of the card? Just a laserjet printer? Anyway, enough of that, onto the photograph itself.
The two small figures in the middle ground are dwarfed by everything, and despite the fact there's a town in the distance it seems like quite an empty, sparse landscape. Despite that, it's oddly warm and inviting. Like you want to go trumping off in the snow to get to one of those houses and have a nice bit to eat and sit by a fire for awhile. I especially like the fence line and the trees to the right.

Darwin (drpsilver) – “Cactus”
I love the depth of field in this, the point where the barbs of the cactus go from sharp and painful to indistinct and with a little shimmer is really interesting. The sharp contrast and lovely black tones make for a brilliant photo. Very well done, and another one of my favourites.

Jacco (kraker) – “At the fair”
First of all, what an interesting paper finish, it reminds me of Fuji FP-100C's “Silk” instant film. I really like it. A great photo too, bins and bins of plush toys waiting to be won (I think I see mario in the top left), and the reflection from the glass in the top right. The hint of warmth is really nice too, and I like the mix of the hard metal claws and the fluffy plush toys below. Really cool photograph, and very well executed.

Raimundo (rai) – “Parents' room”
Sorry, I lost the envelope to this particular postcard, so I hope I've gotten the photographer correct. It's a colour wide angle pinhole photograph, which is an impressive feat on it's own. A very well executed photograph, the cross above the bed with the blinding light emanating from the centre of the photo makes it for me. Wonderful, and I'm sorry it got bent in half while being put in my post box.

Jason (JJB) – In Wawayanda State Park
Fantastic amount of detail in a nice, subdued scene. Not too much contrast and clean, simple tones along the hull. I like the rivets along the side and the delicate grass beneath them. It all just reminds me of a warm summers day – maybe a little too warm to be on land.

Raimundo (rai) – #9 from “PG Nudes: Not really naked”
Nudity without nudity? the public will never stand for it :p
I really like the warm subtle qualities of this photo, and the soft detail in the plait of her hair especially. A great deal of intimacy summed up without revealing much else. The hand on the shoulder makes the photo. You've succeeded wonderfully.

Allen Friday – “Steam Locomotive, Cass County, Iowa”
I love the puff of smoke billowing up and following the line of the carriages behind it, and the flash of light from the front of the engine. Simple, strong composition and a great mix of nature and machine. For some reason I really like the small “436” sign just down in the foreground.

Nige – untitled, from a Melbourne APUG get together
I should really go to one of these APUG get togethers one day, they seem like a bit of fun. I like this photo for the slick rock face in the bottom left. It makes for a nice mix of the unmoving (in focus) rock and the indistinct water running over it. It's a bit short of your usual “long exposure of water running and turning silky smooth” that you tend to see so much of, and I like it for that. The water feels hard and rigid and the rock feels soft and silky. Well done.

mike c
01-03-2011, 12:13 AM
Thanks Feath,used a red filter.The building is covered in shiny stainless steel ,which reflected the blue sky which made it dark in the print.I was surprised at how dark it printed and I shot it in the middle of the day.


Samad Asad
01-03-2011, 12:15 AM
I have to post this.

My cards for exchange #21 will be severely delayed, but rest assured, they will be sent out.

mike c
01-03-2011, 12:17 AM
Have MarkRewald's fine stone carving,great tones in the stone ,thanks Mark.Next time I'm in Mexico I'll look that stone figure up.


01-03-2011, 10:51 AM
I have pushed the boundaries of tardiness to the limit this time...sorry people! I haven't printed my cards yet but I have a good excuse? I will do it though I promise. Soon.

Kathy aka soon to be new mum :-)

Pete H
01-03-2011, 11:01 AM
Kathy, I hope it all goes well!

My cards are halfway through being addressed - they´ll go out this week. Apologies from me too.


01-03-2011, 11:40 AM
Kathy, I hope it all goes well!


Thanks Pete! The priorities...they are a' changin'! :blink: :D

01-03-2011, 03:37 PM
Fleath, thank you for sharing your view on postcards received. That's quite an extensive review! It made me look at my own postcard again, trying to spot all the details you mention. :)

01-03-2011, 08:03 PM
Has been a good round for me - 12 outstanding; 8 I know are going to be late. :)

01-03-2011, 11:47 PM
Hi all,

In the 4 weeks since my last posting I have received another 10, so 18 out of 30.

Mike Wilde - Three pictures for the price of one. Don't know what Aussie Post or Canada post has been up to but these only just arrived last Friday. Love the effect of the old papers.

Laurent - Detail of the old sewing machine. Spectacular and includes the detail of the stray fibres about the foot and needle rod.

Rai - Parents room taken with a home made pin hole. I like the lighting and colour/s. Second colour picture to be sent to me for this exchange.

Crispin - Great to get an image from a camera with more than one or two lenses. Great composition of the seaside.

hwv - Two permenantly closed doors. Great symetry and detail in this one.

kraker - At the Fair looks like there is an infinitely long line of the crane grabber ammusement machine. I have never ever had any luck on these machine myself, but love watching others have a go. Like the great depth of field.

lorirfrommontana - Sunrise on the farm.

JJB - I like the tones in this one of boat hulls stacked on the shore, such a simple image that keeps me focused.

Allen Firiday - The steam loco is my son's favorite of all the pictures in this round. I have a four and a half year old who is steam fanatic and who is likely to become an engineer if I can not convince him otherwise.

Ruediger - Arrived today. this bridge must be one of the most photographed landmarks in Heidelberg. I have my own fair share of images from my last visit to Germany 7 years ago. I enjoy the softness of this image created with the pin hole camera.

That's it till I get some more. Thanks every one who has sent the pictures I (and my family) do enjoy getting the pictures. Happy new year and see you in round 22 as the bug has got a firm hold of me now :D.

01-04-2011, 05:22 AM
kraker - At the Fair looks like there is an infinitely long line of the crane grabber ammusement machine. I have never ever had any luck on these machine myself, but love watching others have a go.

As a side note... after taking this picture (and a few more), I put some money in the machine and had a go. And some more money. Ah, one more try now...

Yes, I finally "won" one of the fluffy animals. But not before spending more than it is worth. Still, it's about having some fun, that's priceless.

01-04-2011, 05:36 AM
... Kathy aka soon to be new mum :-)Congratulations Kathy. And here is my good advice I give to all future parents: Do not follow good advices, especially not advices given from people who are not parents. ;)


01-04-2011, 05:41 AM
And I still have to comment on all those wonderful postcards I received in this round. ... well, I choose the lazy route: What Alex said! ;)


01-04-2011, 01:01 PM
I have pushed the boundaries of tardiness to the limit this time...sorry people! I haven't printed my cards yet but I have a good excuse? I will do it though I promise. Soon.

Kathy aka soon to be new mum :-)


Congratulations, and best wishes.

(be sure to raise him/her to appreciate film :))

01-04-2011, 01:13 PM
Congratulations Kathy. And here is my good advice I give to all future parents: Do not follow good advices, especially not advices given from people who are not parents. ;)


Thanks Ruediger! I've lost track of how many times I've heard that about good advice for new parents. Everyone says don't listen! How confusing is that? (inserting fingers in ears now) :p :D

01-04-2011, 01:16 PM

Congratulations, and best wishes.

(be sure to raise him/her to appreciate film :))

Thanks Matt...you can bet your can o' bulk film there will be photography in his future! :)

01-05-2011, 03:16 AM
Thanks Ruediger! I've lost track of how many times I've heard that about good advice for new parents. Everyone says don't listen! How confusing is that? (inserting fingers in ears now) :p :D

Best wishes Kathy !

In fact, I think the best is not to follow ANY advice, even from people who are already parents (OK, since I'm a parent already, why should you follow my advice ?)

Keep your fingers in your ears for the next years (best is probably until the kid reaches 18 !)

01-05-2011, 07:50 AM
Another card arrived today from Rob Skeoch - the rusted car body and tired ol' barn. Love the paper. It is like when I coat hand made paper with liquid emulsion only with a much more even coating. Will send you a pm with details on how it fared in the post.