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11-06-2010, 01:05 AM
hey all,

I bought this for my excursion to Iceland this summer, and it kept me warm and fuzzy on those long cold nights. However, living in southern california, I'm not going to get the usage of this awesome tent as much as I'd like to. Its rated as a "3-person" tent, however, my 6'5" butt could probably only allow one more person my size in there, and that'd be a tight-ass(pun intended ;)) fit. Definitely cozy.

stupid awesome tent however. No holes barred. the best tent I've ever owned. Period.

I paid over 450 bucks for it(I'm the 2nd owner), however, seeing that I've given it a good 2mo straight of usage, in rain, sleet, sunny days and high wind(this was all in Iceland July and August of this year), I'll let it go for $385 O.B.O. SHIPPED IN THE USA, int'l please PM for shipping quote.

As. I'm away from home right now, so I'll get some pics up in the next 12hrs or so, hopefully ;). I'll have it for sale at my yard sale tomorrow morning(11/6), so if you're interested, PM me.

it has some patched small holes on the bottom, but I've not had any problems with the tent leaking or anything.

included in sale:

15+ stakes(original aluminum ones)
seam sealer(opened tube, about 1/2 left)
tent itself.
rain fly w/ fly pole
all original Easton poles(none bent or crooked) w/ bag
stuff bag(has my name and contact info written on it in white-out)



11-06-2010, 11:12 AM
pics here: