View Full Version : Worth? Two Setups

11-19-2010, 04:09 PM
Any idea of what these two camera kits are worth lo ball here?

Pentax 645 with 35,45,55,75 and 80-160 lens. All very clean
It's a friends, I've no interest in this one at all. He's a bit fussy with his equipment, I'd say a 9 of 10 or a bit better.

Here's the kicker
Two Camerz Zii setup. Couple of backs. Condition clean, unknown. Assume clean user, fully functional, and necessary cables and cases.
My interest is the old studio flash outfit that is with the cameras.
Any chance I could get $150 plus shipping out of them? It's a 2+ hour drive over a mountain pass with snow to go look. Not likely to do that without planning on draging them home. Plus, shipping on them looks about the same as a Danforth anchor.