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12-30-2010, 09:52 PM
"In the last couple of days, we've got 500 packages from Federal Express, 250 from UPS, and probably 18 to 20 bags of mail from the post office."

Man, all I can say is they'd better be able to get to mine!

12-30-2010, 10:03 PM
The Times piece said that much of their business is digital but the less said about that the better. They still process movie film and that isn't so common so I think I'll be using them in the future.

I'll be using them for my first Super 8 film project which I will be doing very soon.

12-30-2010, 10:40 PM
Mr. Jim DeNike, you are a hero! 1580 rolls of Kodachrome!

Andrew O'Neill
12-31-2010, 01:15 PM
I feel your pain. I still haven't gotten over the demise of Kodak's infra-red film. The IR film that's out there just ain't the same!!!

Colin Corneau
01-08-2011, 01:16 AM
...the number of employees has been cut to about 60 from 200 and digital sales now account for nearly half of revenue.

This is the real signature of the modern 'new improved efficiencies' age. Seems to always happen.

01-16-2011, 12:29 AM
anyone know how long the wait time is for getting kodachrome returned? Mine shows that it arrived on the early am of the 30th, so it should be in the lab.

I haven't heard a peep, and its been over two weeks. Is there really THAT much workload to warrant the slow return? I only sent 7 rolls....


01-16-2011, 02:40 AM
I looked at the Website yesterday, and it stated that they were swamped dealing with all the Kodachrome, and were just shipping out orders received on the 27th. They got mine on the 29th, so I don't expect it for about a week.