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Susan G
06-13-2011, 09:07 AM
My husband has a 35 mm Leica DRP Ernst Leitz Wetzlar with brown case and the mount screw. The body, serial number 336781, is black and a silver colour (chrome I presume) with a screw in lense. The lense, serial number 521546, is 50mm, 1:2, a 2 - 12.5 aperture and speed of 1 second - 1,000th. The camera is in full working order. The camera and lense were bought by my husband's Austrian father in 1947 although they may have been second hand when he bought it.

Very interested to know how old it is and what it is and particularly what it’s' value might be.

Susan Griffiths

Del. Date Model Starting # Ending # Batch
1939/40 Leica IIIb 335001 337000 2000

06-13-2011, 11:24 AM

Oh, I see you saw the same source. Well, a Leica IIIb of 1939 - 40 should it be.

That's Roman III so it's "Leica three".