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08-19-2011, 08:28 AM
Charles LEMAIRE / Tattooed skin (work in progress)
12ème promenade des artistes de Chastre
Location: 59 rue de Corsal / 1450 Cortil Noirmont / Belgium
10/9/2011 - 11/9/2011

More about this project on tattooed-skin.blogspot.com (http://tattooed-skin.blogspot.com/)
More about the author on charleslemaire.blogspot.com (http://charleslemaire.blogspot.com/) and on facebook (http://www.facebook.com/charles.lemaire.photographe)

Exhibition with:
Michèle PEYRAT
Françoise RACQUEZ
Christiane ROBIN

And also in different locations of the community the photographers Nathalie Annoye, Henry Brousmiche, Bruno D'Alimonte and Michel Wauters, with many other artists.

Start of the promenade, map sales and sample of each artist's work in the Maison Communale de Chastre (71 avenue du Castillon à 1450 Chastre)

08-19-2011, 12:38 PM
© Charles LEMAIRE / 2011 / Modèle Kriss

During the “artist’s promenade in Chastre”, Charles Lemaire shows for the first time some samples from his current photo project « Closer / Tattooed Skin ». Exhibition takes place at author’s residence on Saturday and Sunday September 10 (14 to 20) and 11 (10 to 18), 2011, in Chastre (Walloon Brabant / Belgium) near Gembloux.
A photo project intended to explore and suggest a way of looking at the skin and its tattoos. Not just seeing the tattoo as a picture, but focusing on the skin itself. Not describing anymore what should be beautiful for some, or aggressive to others, but letting the sensation of the tattooed body transport us somewhere else, as the feeling comes when you look at a tattoo from very, very, very close ... Feeling all the sensuality of a male or female body. Capturing elements that reside far beyond culture and aesthetics.
A "work in progress” that reflects only the beginning of a process in close association with both tattoo artists and tattooed models. It is also an invitation for models to allow the camera to discover their body on this very strange way... "My field: a 14 by 14 cm very intimate square ... Its thickness, just a few millimetres, half a centimetre at best ... As close as possible. Beyond the difference between clothed or naked body. A blurred vision ... "
Charles Lemaire, a former journalist and film critic, never stopped photographing. With the complicity of its models, now conducting this exploration of the body.