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12-07-2011, 05:05 AM
I have received mine also. They are all amazing.

I thank all of you for the time and effort you have all put into your prints. And apologise for the lack of mine. Holding some real wet prints in my hand has made me more determined to continue down the analogue path.

I'm sure I'll soon have an enlarger and I cant wait to provide the participants of the A/NZ print exchange #6 with a wet print.

There is something about the 'old gum' in Barrie's print that makes me keep picking it up. The base of the stump and the contrast of the foliage against the clouds draw my attention the most

12-07-2011, 06:52 AM
got mine today... thanks to everyone for participating and big thnx to Andrew!

my wife identified Barries tree... we visited it in 2008 (colour digi pic -> http://www.nlandgl.com/flindersranges/images/IMGP1753.jpg)

Barrie B.
12-11-2011, 11:26 PM
Greetings all ; Firstly, Thank-you Andrew for running a great print exchange .
My comments are as follows :-

Andrew, a great color print: I find the high view-point very interesting.
shane : Nice composition with lovely light and shade.
Michael: Nice image quality- However I feel your print is a tad low in contrast .
NIGE ; Great texture , I thought it was part of an 'elephant' .
Ashley : Great depth to this image , well done .
Kevin ; Just a lovely beach scene, excellent depth to the image .
Tom ; Nice image tones , but perhaps f 11 and a tripod next time .
Marc. ; An excellent 4 X 5 shot, the ice looks very real, great composition .
Natham 96 ; Interesting image with great detail. I am sure you will really enjoy making 'wet-prints' in a darkroom .
........................ Seasons greetings to all ; perhaps we will meet again in 2012 . Barrie B.

12-12-2011, 12:49 AM
Andrew: Love the perspective, I'm thinking those magic carpets are going to start flying any moment
Barrie: Classic shot, with nice tonal separation. Seem to have some flair on the bottom left side.
Marc: Interesting ice shape being defined by the side lighting, that Nikkor looks sharper than mine...
Nathan:If you didn't tell me then I would not of known, like your composition with the gentle S curve leading up through the image
Tom: Really like this , just a hint of sharpness around the leading lip of the head of the mushroom and the rest blending out. Is the paper 112 type, I toned some at that dilution (will 1:4) and it went purple
Kevin: What are you going up so early, you make us look bad. great detail threw the image, love the middle section you dodged in... :)
Ashley: Spectacular lighting show, how many chips did you give the bird to stand there..
Nige: Great study in texture, and you cannot get into trouble if you hang it the wrong way. Is that paper available in Australia
Michael: Caught me by surprise as I was expecting a different Michael W, but never mind the image is still interesting, I cannot help but imagine the portraits in the frames all smiling out as you sit around that coffee table. Ive just started on the 112 paper and have noticed a big difference in contrast from wet to dry. My shots were also on 112 and I think they suffer from contrast issues.

Best for 2012

12-12-2011, 01:51 AM
Michael: I've liked this more as I've stared at it - it would be interesting to frame this and place the print amongst the frames as self-reflexive commentary!
Nathan: I've made 100 pictures like this and haven't liked them half as much. The composition/placement of the path is neat, and would only look better as a sharp darkroom 8x10"
Barrie: I'm not a fan of toning, but this picture is beautiful - The perspective looks corrected - um, how did you DO that with a Hasselblad? Cropping out the foreground?
Kevin: How can the sun be hurting my eyes, when it's just the white of the paper? A craftily put together print - almost like a science-fiction still...
Tom: I love that mushroom - such a gentle little pic, and well 'rescued' print!
Ashley: That's just too clever by half! The tones in the dark bits and depth of field...!! Great tonal decisions!
Nige: A beautiful texture print - my favourite textures are the ones that keep your eye fixed on them and don't really reveal what on earth they are!! As Barrie says - 'could be an elephant!'
Shane: That's magical! That's how I always imagine the high county, especially under moonlight - I must start fiddling with infrared... Love the paper texture too.
Andrew: That's a great composition and a great colour print - got me all inspired (again) to try colour in the darkroom in 2012...!!

Merry Christmas/Festive Season everybody!

01-08-2012, 07:40 PM
Link to round 6 sign up.


Also I will put some comments down this evening on the prints I have received which are long overdue.