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old crow
10-22-2011, 01:26 PM
of sorts. So I have seen a great number of posts where forum members on many photog forums have sent out one camera and it traveled all over being used by those members who got in on it. So this got me thinking. Hers my idea.

Most of us do not have the means to travel a great deal, even though we would love to. I do not see why one of our cameras can not, without us.

So I purpose we form groups of six members or so per size of camera and send out one camera each to each of the other members. So in turn everyones one camera would travel to five other locations. We then keep the cameras for two weeks and shoot it as we can for the term in which we have it. We then select a photo or two to place in the envelope that is to travel with the camera, along with our contact info. We then ship it to the next person in the rotation according to number on the list. 1 sends to 2 all the way through the count and 6 sends to one. So everyone has the camera of the other member.

No one would be without a camera at any given time. Each member would have the safety of knowing they are all sharing in the shifting cameras so they are assured they will get their camera back in the end. Which I would assume should take about four months or so. Given travel time and such for the shipping.

In the end we would have our original cameras back, along with the photos taken with it on its trip by the other photographers. We will also have the contact info and any other notes or hello's sent along with the camera. We would be then able to share in letters and post cards with the other members if you so choose to in the future. None the less you would end up with some wonderful photo's of places you may never visit.

Here is the basic rule outline.

1. Everyone must send a camera to be included. Do not include lenses. Just the camera, lens board and back. Everyone must shoot the same size lens for the lens board. Lenses cost good money and there is already some level of risk with just the camera. Keep your lenses all too your greedy little selves!

2. Everyone must share their full contact info to be included. Name, address, personal email and working telephone number.

3. Everyone must pay for all shipping costs for each and every camera they get in the rotation. This works out to everyone spending the same amount. Everyone must cover the cost of film and processing and printing for the prints they are sending with the camera.

4. Prints and photos may be of any process that fits the camera. Film of any sort, alternative processes. If using wet plate be very careful to not stain the other cameras with silver!!!! You may stain your own, but others may get very upset over this. Threat the other cameras better then your own!

5. Turn around time can be no longer then 2 weeks per camera. 14 days is a good amount of time to get a shot worth sending. You choose the subject, and please write detailed info on how the shot was obtained. Location, Lens info, Speeds... etc. If you can not keep to these time constraints, then please do not participate. 4 months is a long time to have the cameras on their little holiday, anything more then that may cause issues for some people.

If interested in being involved in this please put your basic info and send me a pm. I am trying to get people on other forums involved as well. Since most of us criss cross forums, this should not be a problem.

We can have as many groups of cameras per size as needed. Just limiting each group to 6 cameras. So there can be 18 4x5s out at a time, but only 3 groups and etc for each size. So everyone gets to see the reward of this fun little experiment.

Please be respectful of the other people included in your group. Understand that everyone is taking a risk with sending out their cameras. If any get lost or damaged during the trip, we must all do whatever we can to make it right for the person.

As a community this can be a wonderful and fun project to be involved in. It could lead to other projects down the line, I am sure of. Its an outstanding chance to learn about other shooters and what they create and how they do it.

old crow
10-22-2011, 01:27 PM
I am throwing in my camera to this to start it off.

Greg Hopkins
40 Sutton Place
Ny, NY 10022

Ikeda Anba 4x5, copal 0

This is a solid and light weight 4x5 that I have a great deal of fun shooting. I have kept it in very good condition and the movements working very smoothly. You can carry it with ease and you do not need a large and heavy tripod for it. I have used mini tripods with it on tables and chairs with great results.

If you have been curious about using a light weight camera this is a nice one to check out.

10-22-2011, 09:13 PM
An interesting idea, but very high-risk - see how many of the "all shoot one camera" attempts have disappeared. And the postage is pretty horrific if you're in Australia for example so I would suggest you keep it on a per-continent basis.

old crow
10-22-2011, 10:40 PM
oh well.

I am going to sell my 4x5 outfit and focus on wet plate, since I never shoot it any longer.