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12-05-2011, 05:41 AM
Shippers want documents like commercial invoices, that list the country of origin of every item in the shipment, to appease the customs brokers and customs inspectors/officers. A royal pain for companies not used to shipping out of the US, or Canada and most other countries as well. These rules don't normally apply to shipments by individuals on shipments valued under $1000 or so depending on destination. BUT. Shipping documents by FedX ground to Canada from the US requires commercial invoices on private shipments only containing a passport renewal application.

I use FedEx out of TH and they require a commercial invoice also, as does DHL and the items I usually send are worth no more than $25.00.

Personally, I don't understand why an item can't be sent Registered Mail (signed for) from the PO and require insurance as well. Those countries that don't accept RM - you then have to foot FedEx or DHL - no exceptions.

I understand the need to cover time and packaging expenses, but seriously, many of the US photographic stores truly gouge their shipping fees if you live outside the US.



GS1 instruction book $18.00

Postage (to AU):

UPS $59.00
FedEx International Economy $80.00
FedEx International Priority $90.00

Whatever happened to using the USPS for crying out loud? That same instruction book could be sent AU-USA via airmail for about $7.05 (based on 250g package), so include the envelope ($2.00) and time to pack and send ($5.95), $15.00 seems fair. (It's not too difficult, but I guess the fact the courier will collect from the store saves time and effort.) In which case, why not have 1 day where regular OS mail is sent out - after all, they use USPS for their domestic mail so they'll be heading to the PO anyway . . . . .

12-05-2011, 08:42 AM
1.Fotoimpex, Berlin (Germany) -Zagreb (Croatia), 619 miles, 0,15 kg (2xglass and 1x 39 mm ring for enlargin lens),just shipping and handling was 40 $.

2. Freestylee, LA California - Zagreb (Croatia),6234 miles, (2x LegacyPro 100 35x100', 0,8 kg) ,just shipping and handling are 37.13 $.

Isn't that nice in global economy? I just looking for good prices and shopping around the world ,I don't even bother to find good prices in my (almost) neighborhoods because high shipping and handling costs.So,price for shipping and handling in Freestyle are not high. If I have money to by more films (additional 2x 35x 100') price for shipping and handling are about 15% higher.
From my experience only G.Britain (from Europe) can be compare with USA and some country from far East for low shipping and handling costs to Croatia.
I think Fotoimpex's ~ 40 $US is for parcels up until 25kg ~ 55 lb, so it leverages when the order is bigger than a few films.