View Full Version : FS: Colean Peak 1 Backpack

11-27-2011, 06:31 AM
My brain quick working early today. Not good.
That should have been "Coleman" in case you were unaware.

I had the thought of converting this to a photo backpack.
The idea was to find a way to attach my general-purpose Lowe to this frame.
I can also imagine it holding a custom "box" for 8x10 + 1/2 lenses + 3-4 film holders.
Putting a "shelf" on it seems the best approach, but I hadn't come up with a good way to secure the top and/or sides.
(A piece of aluminum tubing that the Lowe would rest on.)

If you are entrepreneurial, a retrofit for these frames might be sellable.
Every try to go a long distance with that padded Lowe stuff directly on your back? Yuk!
External frames rule for any serious packing.

But the older I get ...

Doesn't look like I'll ever get to it.

Frame is still solid and, if you want it for what it is now, the seams and zippers are all sound.
$50 + shipping.