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by Christopher Walrath Published on 02-19-2011 09:55 PM
Ilford ID-36 Universal M.Q. Developer

This is a universal developer that can be used with films, plates and papers. Highly recommended for...
by Christopher Walrath Published on 02-19-2011 09:47 PM
Ilford's ID-13 H.Q.-caustic Developer

This developer is for dish processing of high contrast graphic arts films and plates where maximum contrast.....
by Christopher Walrath Published on 02-19-2011 09:41 PM
Ilford ID-11 Fine Grain Developer

A Metol-hydroquinone (M.Q.) borax developer for use with films and plates. Gives fine grain without any loss in....
by Jeff Bannow Published on 01-28-2011 02:40 PM
Pink or purple can be a sign of a few different things, based on the type of film being used and your developing process. It can be a sign of...
by jnanian Published on 01-01-2011 09:51 AM
this isn't an article just a pdf of old notch codes
to help you ID film you might have forgotten about ..
this isn't as complete as it could be.
by Christopher Walrath Published on 12-27-2010 07:00 PM
Disclaimer: This book is intended for use by photographers who have a basic working knowledge of exposure and who have processed film and made...
by Christopher Walrath Published on 12-26-2010 08:01 PM
This is not an original idea, but this is my spin on it and I thought that APUG would be the perfect home for it. Throughout the article I mention...
by Ian Leake Published on 12-06-2010 08:20 AM
In recent weeks quite a few people have asked me how I deal with Plague Spots, so I thought a short article on these horrible things could be...
by seafoto Published on 11-12-2010 01:53 PM
I am on the brink of returning to my darkroom,the dark, the developers and the smell of fixer. Digital is magic and can result in stunning pictures...
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