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by Rlibersky Published on 11-14-2006 07:59 PM
Elon (or Metol) .5g
Hydroquinone 2g
Sodium Sulphite (cryst.) 15g
Sodium Carbonate (cryst.) 27g
Water 300cc
Potassium bromide, 10% Solution 20...
by psvensson Published on 11-14-2006 07:57 PM
This is an improvement on Dr. Jekyll No.1. It replaces the bromide restrainer with sodium chloride. It's the only lith developer I know that does so.....
by Rlibersky Published on 11-14-2006 07:53 PM
Distilled water (50°C) ................. 750 ml
Metol .................................. 5.0 g
Sodium sulfite (anhy) .................. 80.0 g...
by mikebarger Published on 11-13-2006 06:54 PM
Mix the chemicals in order, all should dissolve between 120 and 150 degrees.

You should try 1:6:200 at 70 degrees for printing on VC paper with...
by blackmelas Published on 11-07-2006 12:37 AM
Metol- 6.25gr
Soduim Sulfite- 85 gr
Water to make 1 liter

Sodium Metaborate- 12gr
Water to make 1 liter

ca. 3 min each bath.....
by blackmelas Published on 11-07-2006 12:22 AM
Metol- 5gr
Sodium Sulphite- 100gr
Water to make 1 liter

Borax- 10gr
Water to make 1 liter

3-5 minutes in each bath. Do not...
by Ole Published on 10-31-2006 08:03 PM
Here's one version of my akaline buffered "rapidized" fix - quantities are not critical. I use cups, spoons and dashes...

The metaborate ...
by unregistered Published on 10-31-2006 08:01 PM
Here is the exact formula and other details of the super fix that I
outlined in the thread on stop vs wash.


Ammonium Hypo solution...
by Ryuji Published on 10-31-2006 07:52 PM
ammonium thiosulfate 120g
(or 60% solution 200 ml)
sodium sulfite 15g
sodium metabisulfite 5g
water to make 1.0 liter
target pH 7.0 plus/minus...
by Gregg Brekke Published on 10-31-2006 07:43 PM
This is a non-hardening fixer. I picked up the formula from a friend but see that it has also been published by Gordon Hutchings in the "Book of....
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