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by Michael R 1974 Published on 03-05-2014 09:50 AM
I find this interesting as it is the only developer I know of other than POTA using only Phenidone as a developing agent. The patent by Kendall (U.S.....
by Mustafa Umut Sarac Published on 02-25-2014 03:14 AM
If you want to protect your prints for a very longer time compared to print on paper , you can get inspiration from worldwide printed 2500 different.....
by Mustafa Umut Sarac Published on 02-10-2014 02:11 AM
I found that thesis at an Russian Site and paid 535 Rubles. Its in Russian , pdf form and text extractable. I translated with my Prompt Software in...
by Richard Puckett Published on 02-06-2014 05:54 PM
It is quite a simple matter to print out palladium with no hydration of paper and no development. You simply coat the paper with the sensitizer,...
by Mustafa Umut Sarac Published on 02-05-2014 05:13 AM
b. Charleston, Illinois, 29 May 1904, d. 26 September 1948

Although he shot more than sixty films, including Kidnapped (1938) and...
by Mustafa Umut Sarac Published on 01-30-2014 03:37 AM
EKIT Report No:10

Comparative Evaluation of Eight Color Materials

1 August 1967

Top Secret Document 1967 to 1997

1 to 15
16 to 30
by Mustafa Umut Sarac Published on 01-12-2014 05:31 PM
Whatever you do,stop!!! and download the LLNL paper attached.

If you want to build large lenses and if optical glass is not available to your lens....
by Mustafa Umut Sarac Published on 01-06-2014 10:54 PM
To prepare permanent prints from screen-plate pictures,
one must have recourse to one of the tri-color
subtractive methods already described; to...
by Mustafa Umut Sarac Published on 01-06-2014 10:16 PM
Thank you redgreenblue for suggesting me that excellent book.


by Mustafa Umut Sarac Published on 01-06-2014 03:52 PM
H. I. B jelkhagen
Recording Materials

The generation of a surface-relief hologram is one way for obtaining transmission
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