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Changes for the local photo club

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by , 03-06-2008 at 02:13 PM (1001 Views)
Our local photo club is now offically homeless - it was no longer a good idea to rent a permanent place since none of the facilities (studio, darkroom) were used a lot by the members. We auctioned off all the gear that was saleable and junked the rest.

In a sense it is a relief. Too much energy has - in my mind - been spent fighting a battle we simply could not win.

From now on we will focus on more important activities like: Showing and critiquing pictures, excursions, education nigth and visits to various photo exhibitions. We will also be able to lower the membership fee and hopefully attract more people.


  1. michael9793's Avatar
    Well I wanted to joint ours down here in Fort Myers, but everyone is taking color digi shots and everyone e-mails their work for the next meeting and then we look on a screen and see what there is. I still am not sure I want to join since it seems everyone has gone digi. Much easier when everyone take sunsets and bird pictures. pretty boring, no creativity. which is where I see the digi amateur going. The day of going to the club and using the darkroom or showing your mounted work and having people actually touch the board and print, then making commits are a long forgotten past I guess. Lets just Power Point our lives away. I wanted to send a P/P print after scanning and see what stupid comments would be made. Like why are you wasting your time doing that, when it can be done in Photoshop. Daaaaaa.



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